5 Things To Know Before Buying Cookware

5 Things To Know Before Buying Cookware

5 Things To Know Before Buying Cookware: A kitchen is incomplete without cookware. A food storage and preparation canister which is intended to be used on a stove or an oven. Cookware is made up of metal, aluminum, copper, cast iron, and Stainless Steel. The size of your cookware depends on how you will use it in your cooking process.

5 Things To Know Before Buying Cookware

 Types of Cookware

  • Some examples of cookware are pans used to roast chicken. These pans are known as braising pans.
  • Another type of cookware is a casserole pan or pot. They can be used to make many recipes.
  • Cookware used sanitize with hot water is known as deli pots.
  • Heavy and deep pots known as dutch ovens are used for many dishes like soups.
  • A pot made up of aluminum resembles a dutch oven a lot. It is known as wonder pot.
  • Another famous example of cookware is frying pans also known as omelet pans.
  • A pan made up of metal and used to fry bread is known as griddles.
  • You can find electric versions of fry pans and griddles too.
  • Round shaped vessels used for boiling water are known as saucepans.
  • Some other type of cookware includes stockpots, woks, and sauté pans.

Why We Need To Look Into A Cookware Before Buying

A healthy lifestyle is basically a process. It consists of many positive habits. We always keep exercising and healthy eating on our list when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle, but we ignore one most important aspect. Preparation and storage of food is another factor which should be considered. While you are preparing your food it is imperative to consider cookware and tray for your food.

Generally, food was prepared and stored on aluminum appliances. Research has proved now that this is not a good idea due to harmful chemicals leaking from these appliances.

From the point of view of customers, there is a lot of confusion today. Modern technology invented all kinds of products now it is very difficult to choose the right product.

But don’t you worry your family’s health is our prime priority too. You need to follow this article till the end to know what actually is better for you and your family when it comes to cookware.

Stainless steel cookware

In our kitchens, stainless steel is commonly found a lot. Apart from cooking this durable and cheap cookware is also used for storing and serving food.  It is comfortable to use and easily available especially in any size of your requirement. It is used for the preparation of all kinds of food and due to this reason, it is a must in an Indian kitchen. Stainless steel cookware is easy to wash. There is one issue with this cookware. There is a possibility that it might leak chromium or iron into the food which is not good for the health of your family.


If your food requires heating and baking then ceramic cookware should be your choice. It does not leak any harmful chemicals on your food so very wholesome for the health of your family. Easily washable and has a smooth surface. During cooking, this cookware steadily cooked the food and keep the essence of the food intact. As it is very delicate you must use it with extra care.

Cast Iron

Due to new innovations use of iron wok in our homes has minimized. Now people prefer non-stick cookware. That being said use of cast iron appliances is still favored due to its ability to disperse iron into the food during cooking. A few years ago this process was considered healthy until new studies argued that too much leak of iron into your food is not healthy for you and your family. But cast iron cookware is still in demand in our kitchens.

Stoneware cookware

Because people are replacing aluminum cookware due to its unhealthy effects on our food, stoneware cookware is gaining demand. It can not only use for grilling of meat but vegetables can also be cooked on it. It can maintain the flavor of your food and evenly cooks the food. It adds aroma to your food too. Stoneware cookware last generations if you take good care of it.

Coated Technology Cookware 

In order to prevent the leaking of harmful chemicals into your food, this cookware is completely coated. Due to its coated technology, life has been easy now. It is available in a variety of designs and colors. For its long and durable use, you need to follow its instruction provided on the manual.

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