5 Ways To Sharpen Your Knife Without A Sharpener

5 Ways To Sharpen Your Knife Without A Sharpener

Sharpening can be defined as the removal of the metal blade from your knife hence making it have an edge. Knives are the most commonly used equipment in our everyday lives, especially in the preparation of meals in the kitchen. Thus having a sharp knife makes you work easier and faster as you do your chaos.

5 Ways To Sharpen Your Knife Without A Sharpener

A sharpener may not always be at your disposal whenever you need to sharpen your knife and isn’t the only tool that can be used to sharpen your knife. There are several ways that you can sharpen it as there different ways available or within your reach. This article will look at different ways to sharpen your knife without a knife Sharpener. These tools will help to sharpen your knife, giving you the desired edge.

  1. Nail File

A nail file is a tool that is used by ladies, thus common in most houses.  It can be used your sharpen a knife. Since they have rough surfaces, this texture is the same as that of knife sharpeners or stones, so they can be used to sharpen your knife until you get your preferred edge.

As nail file are small, light in weight it can be carried as you go for social gatherings, scouting,  picnic among others. To get the best results when using a nail file, place it on a firm and hard surface, then tilt the knife blade at an angle of 10 degrees as you point it in the opposite direction.

  1. Sandpaper

In this technique, you can use the rough surface of the sandpaper in order to sharpen a knife. The sandpaper has the same texture/ roughness as knife sharpeners. It is a good method in case you don’t have a knife sharpener.  When you are using the technique, you have to place the sandpaper on a flat surface this is an improvised way same as that using a sharpening stone

  1. Broken Glass Bottle

You can use a broken bottle or a glass to sharpen your knife. In order to sharpen a knife, you have to tilt the knife blade at an angle of 20 degrees and swipe in the broken glass in the same direction many times. Remember to turn the blade until you get the desired edge. This technique is dangerous as you may get hurt by the broken glass as you sharpen the blade. The glass shouldn’t be polished as it will not sharpen your knife.

  1. Coffee Mug

At any given time, you don’t have a sharpener; a ceramic mug that has a rough edge at the bottom will serve you well. For the best result, it is recommended that you can hold your knife at an angle of 20 degrees as you rub it at the rough bottom part of the mug. This sharpens your knife easily and very fast.

This can be done not only using coffee mugs but anything ceramic with a rough bottom. This may include ceramic flower ports.  Always ensure that you switch both sides of the knife. For the best results, you can follow the procedure below.

  • Get an old or broken mug that has a rough surface at the bottom. This may not work if smooth or polished. The rough part is the one used to do the sharpening.
  • Place it upside down on a firm surface that’s not slippery, and if the available surface is smooth, you can use a piece of fabric.
  • Place your knife at an angle of 10-20 degrees on the rough part of your mug
  • Start stroking on the blade as you ensure it’s on the same angle
  • Turn it over as much time you want and continue with the process till you get the desired edge and your knife will be very sharp in no time
  1. Car window.

A Car window can be used to sharpen your knife. These include abandoned cars that can be used. Windows that are halfway opened can perfectly sharpen your knife and get the desired edge. As getting a broken glass may difficult and that you can break one just to sharpen your knife, a jam jar can also be used

Final Thoughts

Sharpening your knife is essential, especially if you use on your daily chaos such in the kitchen or butchery. It makes it fun to use it more as long as you have a rough edge or surface. You can slide it at least 10 times on both sides.

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