Best Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

Best Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

Best Kitchen Knife Sharpeners: No kitchen runs properly without a sharp set of knives and no knife remains sharp for a long time without a kitchen knife sharpener. It is very imperative that you get yourself, and your kitchen a solid knife sharpener. These devices help in sharpening your knife and maintaining a clean edge. This helps your knife cut through your ingredients easily – such as vegetables, fruits, etc. ensures you do not put too much effort into cutting them. It also ensures that the knife does not slip from your hand and cause an accident by being too blunt. You must know that the sharper the knife, the sharper the kitchen. Without further ado, let us dive into seeing the best kitchen knife sharpener.

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5 Best Kitchen Knife Sharpeners Reviews 2020

We can Check 5 Best Kitchen Knife Sharpeners Products List:

Product NamesRatingsPrice
1. ProntPro Diamond Knife Sharpener4.5
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2.Kitchellence Kitchen Knife Sharpener4.5
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3. KitchenIQ Edge Grip Knife Sharpener4.4
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4. Presto Electric Knife Sharpener4.5
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5. Sunrise Pro Supreme Knife Sharpener4.5
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1. ProntPro Diamond Manual Knife Sharpener

ProntPro Diamond Manual Knife SharpenerIf you are looking for a professional knife sharpener that you need to sharpen your 15 and 20-degree knife, then the ProntPro Diamond Manual Knife Sharpener is the one for you. This knife sharpener has exceptional quality and ensures that you are able to sharp flat knives as well as serrated knives, sports knives as well as pocket knives. This sharpener uses 100 percent diamond abrasives in all three stages of its sharpening.

The first stage and the second stage uses 100 percent diamond abrasives to sharpen and hone the knife while the last stage uses micron-sized diamond abrasives to polish the surface. The separate sharpening and honing stages from the polishing stage ensure that the knife is completely sharpened and polished. It is the best addition to your kitchen and household items.

Key Features:
# 3-stage sharpener used to keep the 15 and 20-degree knife sharp and polished for a long time.
# Quality three-stage sharpener used to sharpen the knife at three levels using Diamond Abrasives. These diamond abrasives sharpen the knife in the first stage, hone the knife in the second stage, and the micron-sized diamond abrasives polish the knife in the third stage. This does an overall, quality sharpening of the knife thoroughly.
# Sharpens both straight edges as well as serrated edges. It can work on any knife including a sports knife and a pocketknife.
# The precise angle of the bevel to create razor edge sharpness for your 15 and 20-degree knives
# Separate and distinct sharpening stages of the knife to ensure that each stage thoroughly sharps. Keeps the edges of the knife more durable with high endurance and low maintenance.
# The shape of the knife is compact and convenient to hold
# It consists of a Soft Touch handle that makes the sharpener easy to grip while sharpening the knives.
# Is primarily useful for American or Asian knife

What we Liked:
1. Easy to grip and hold while sharpening the knife
2. Distinct divisions to sharpen a knife thoroughly
3. High durability and endurance of knife
4. Works best with 15 and 20-degree knives
5. Sharpens any sort of edge – straight or serrated
6. Works on a kitchen knife, sports knife, and pocket knife
7. Soft Touch handle that is easy on the fingers while gripping the sharpener

What we Disliked:
1. Not many cons except that it may take some time to sharpen a long knife

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2. Kitchen Knife Sharpener by Kitchellence

Kitchen Knife Sharpener by KitchellenceTrying to use a blunt knife while cutting is like trying to drill a hole in the ground with your hands. It is always advised to use sharp knives while cutting fruits, vegetables, or anything in your kitchen that needs cutting. Instead of replacing your kitchen knives, you can purchase a kitchen knife sharpener that helps keep all your knives sharp and ready to use at all times. We recommend the Kitchen Knife Sharpener by Kitchellence.

The Kitchen Knife Sharpener by Kitchellence is a premium product in knife sharpening tools that has a 3-stage knife sharpening technique that helps keep the entire surface and edge of the knife sharp and durable. The three stages perform individual tasks in keeping the knife sharp. The first stage helps in repairing the damaged and bent structure of the knife. The second stage helps in keeping the V edge of the knife sharp and durable. The final and third stage helps in keeping the entire blade of the knife polished. Having this knife sharpener by Kitchellence makes a great addition to your kitchen.

Key Features:
# Effective 3 stage Knife sharpening that is done by diamond abrasives. The first stage holds diamond abrasives that help in setting the shape and repairing any damage done to the knife. The second stage also has diamond abrasives that help in maintaining the V shape of the knife and the final stage helps in polishing the entire surface of the knife.
# The ergonomics of the entire knife sharpener is built in such a way that it is easy to use for both right-handed people and left-handed people. Just place the knife in the right slot and create a forward-backward motion gently for a small period of time to effectively sharpen the knife.
# Cut-resistant glove included with the knife sharpener that ensures that the hand does not slip while sharpening the knife and cut across any serrated edges. This glove has a rough surface that prevents slipping. The surface of the sharpener also ensures minimal slipping of the hand.
# It is of premium quality and is crafted from ABS plastic. This enables you to hold and sharpen the knife like a pro, even if you are not one. Using the knife becomes easier as well.
# A guaranteed 30-day return policy is available on the product.

What we Liked:
1. Ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable grip while handling the knife sharpener
2. Includes a cut-resistant glove to prevent any mishaps
3. Easy to use by both the hands
4. Created from ABS Plastic that ensures there is no loss of quality.
5. 30-day return policy guaranteed by Kitchellence.

What we Disliked:
1. There is nothing to dislike except that you should have patience while sharpening the knife.

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3. KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife SharpenerUsing dull knives is like having a dull mind. There is a terrible dissatisfaction created while using blunt knives in your cutting and cooking of your everyday food. Thus, it is always best to purchase a kitchen sharpener to use on your knives before you begin your daily vegetable cutting, fruit cutting, or meat chopping. One of the best kitchen knife sharpeners that we suggest our user is the KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener.

This kitchen knife sharpener is coarse for dull and damaged kitchen knives. It also helps in polishing the surface of the blade and in providing any quick touch-ups even after the basic sharpening of the knife.
You need not use it on a daily basis as this helps keep your knives sharp and durable for a long period. The edge grip ensures that the tip of the knife while sharpening does not accidentally run across the surface of your table or counter, upon which you place this device. It is quite compact and is great for easy storage of the device.

Key Features:
# It is quite coarse for damaged or dull knives
# This also helps excellently in polishing the surface of the blade or in providing a quick touch up after the basic sharpening of the knife
# The device is quite small and compact and is easy to store in a cupboard
# The Edge Grip on the knife helps in ensuring that the tip of the larger knives does not run across the surface of the table or counter upon which it is placed so.
# The base is made of non-slip material and adds stability and control.

What we Liked:
1. Easily repair the damage done to the knife or polish the surface in the 20stage knife sharpening technique
2. Small and compact ergonomics ensure easy storage
3. The Edge Grip ensures that the knife does not run over the surface upon which it is placed.
4. Non-slip base provides control and stability to the knife sharpener.

What we Disliked:
1. Not many cons except that it may take some time to sharpen a long knife

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4. Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto EverSharp Electric Knife SharpenerImagine you took up to ten minutes to cut one cup of vegetables. It would be an absolute waste of time and effort. Imagine this was because of a dull knife that you have not sharpened for days. Now, imagine if this is the reality of many homes, which are unaware that they are using a dull knife. The solution to all this is to use a knife sharpener. Luckily, there are some amazing knife sharpeners and Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is one of the best of the lot.
Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is Chinese made and is easy to use.

This beast of a sharpener uses 120 Volts and gives a perfect sharpening in a 2 stage sharpening process. The best results are created even in the comfort of your home. The device consists of Sapphire sharpening wheels that sharpen the knife before you know it. This material is the same one used in industrial knife sharpening. We cannot emphasize having this handy bad boy to sharpen your knives.

Key Features:
# It is powered by electricity and is very easy to use
# It is manufactured in China and uses their latest knife sharpening technology
# This has a two-stage sharpening process that sharpens and dull or serrated knife within a matter of minutes.
# The sapphire sharpening wheels are powered by 120 volts that help in sharpening the knife
# The precision blades ensure that the knife is securely sharpened without any guess sharpening. This is made of sapphire.
# Stage one of sharpening creates a precisely sharp blade around the entire edge of the knife. Stage two creates a polished surface of the knife

What we Liked:
1. Easy to use and powered by electricity
2. Sapphire wheels ensure no guess sharpening and use precision blades to keep the knife sharp
3. Two-stage sharpening technique ensures that the knife is sharpened within minutes

What we Disliked:
1. Nothing except for the slightly high maintenance due to it being an electronic device

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5. Sunrise Pro Supreme Knife Sharpener

Sunrise Pro Supreme Knife SharpenerIt is needless to say that you need sharp knives to do all the chopping efficiently to keep an efficient kitchen running. Instead of throwing away blunt knives, you can pick up a handy knife sharpener that you can use every now and then to keep all your knives sharp and ready to use. While there are tons of them in the market, we recommend you to use the Sunrise Pro Supreme Knife Sharpener. This is of superior quality and delivers a sharp knife in three swipes. You can also ensure that the knife becomes sharp in 2 seconds time.

Key Features:
# This helps turn dull knives sharp in just three seconds. It uses blades inside and out to sharpen your knife. It can be used for kitchen knives, pocket knives, and even hunting knives.
# Delivers a supremely sharp blade in 2 seconds. Simply position the knife and twist the blades and you will have a sharp knife as good as new for use in your kitchen.
# The non-slip suction base ensures that using this device rough and tough does not create any accidents. The suction base ensures the device remains locked while you use it to sharpen all your knives.
# The Sunrise Pro Supreme Knife Sharpener is small and durable. It makes it very great to have in small storage areas or tiny shelves in your kitchen. It is quite easy to carry around too.
# If you do not like the product, there is a return policy.

What we Liked:
1. A Quick and efficient way in turning your dull knives sharp
2. Blades inside and out that deliver supremely sharp knife in seconds
3. The non-slip suction base ensures that the device is planted firmly on the surface
4. Small and compact. It is easy to carry around or store in tiny spaces

What we Disliked:
1. Nothing much except that rough usage may damage the knife.

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