Best Place To Buy A Microwave

Best Place To Buy A Microwave

Best Place To Buy A Microwave: Microwave is an essential addition to every kitchen. Before buying one, we must pick the best place to buy a microwave. After all, not every microwave is of the same type and in fact, some microwaves do a poor job defrosting and reheating foods. Power and price don’t always result in the best microwave. Sometimes they defrost unevenly, they’re hard to keep clean, or they stop working too soon. We need to consider our budget, the type of microwave we need as well as the best location in our kitchen.

Best Place To Buy A Microwave

The best place to buy a microwave would have to be the internet. With such a wide variety of choices, you can pick the best microwave for you, based on your kitchen as well as your budget. Once you have chosen a model that suits you only then should you go to the physical store and buy a microwave.

You must consider your budget to narrow down which places to buy a microwave are best for you. The most common microwaves would be countertop, which ranges from small models that can be found for as low as $50 to large models, which could cost you as much as $300. Over-the-range microwaves (OTR) can’t be bought for less than $200. And of course, if you want a built-in model, don’t expect to pay less then $400. Although, countertop microwaves with a kit designed to resemble a built-in microwave can be found for much less.

Choose the type of microwave that best suits you. Countertop models are the most common; Therefore, you have a lot of great choices. Over-the-range microwaves are installed over the range and built-in models are just that; Built into your kitchen wall. Countertop microwaves with a built-in kit are a great choice for someone who’s looking for style on a budget.

Before looking for the best place to buy a microwave, consider your location and where you wish to incorporate the microwave. You must factor in the measurements because large countertop models can take up almost all of your counter space. With limited kitchen space, this step is essential.

Best microwave type for you

Whether you choose to go for a countertop, over-the-range, or built-in microwave, keep in mind that the size of the model doesn’t always mean usable cooking space. Manufacturers will claim that the usable cooking space is much more than what it actually is. Also, a difference of 50 to 100 watts doesn’t make much difference in cooking power.

The Countertop Microwave is the most common type of model because of its price and the easy installation. Dedicate the amount of countertop space necessary, place it onto the countertop and plug it in. If you’re a fan of simplicity, then countertop models might just be the best microwaves for you.

An Over-the-Range Microwave is the best choice for you if counter space is something that might limit you. OTR Microwaves can be vented to the outside, which is an additional advantage OTR microwaves have.

Built-In Microwave includes only models designed to be surrounded by cabinets or built in to a wall, resulting in a sleek look. Countertop microwaves can also be built-in with the help of a kit. The best place to buy a built-in microwave would be the high-end stores since these models can be pricey.

Some of the critical features you should consider before buying a microwave:

  • Shortcut keys and child lock – Shortcut keys allow you to microwave the most common foods with a single button. And if you have children, a lock is a beneficial childproof feature.
  • Racks – They could be an essential part of your microwave, considering that you could cook multiple dishes at once.
  • Turntables – Almost every microwave has a turntable, but some also come with trays.
  • 30-second keys – 30-second or 1-minute keys extend the initial cooking time.
  • Power – The first thing we should look for in a microwave is the rate at which it can heat food. The usual power of microwave ranges from 700 watts to 1200 watts. More powerful microwaves heat the food quickly and evenly.

Capacity – A microwave’s capacity is important to consider; If you live in a large household, a microwave that offers enough capacity for more than 1 meal will be something to look out for.

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