Best Recliners For Seniors

Are you looking for something comforting, relaxing, and healing at the same time? Then there are fits other than recliners which will provide all that you want. Sadly, most recliners in the market are made from low-grade material and less functionality for which people think twice before spending money on them. That will not be an issue anymore because we are here with the best recliners for seniors you can ever buy!

Whether it is your grandparents or anyone elderly you love, these reclining chairs will be the best gift you can give them. Due to their comfort, therapeutic benefits and functionality are what they desire in their old age. Those hard, inflexible chairs are not made for their old and fragile body.

Therefore, continue reading our article to know which reclining chair will benefit your pocket, style, and structure.

Top 10 Detailed Review On Best Recliners For Seniors

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Our top 10 recliners for elderly have the highest quality in the market of reclining chairs as they come from some well-known manufacturers. The way you can’t complain about their coziness, similarly, their build quality is also something worth praising.

Without any further adieu, let’s get started!

1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

The Esright massage recliner is a unique example of modernity built with perfection. This is a massager chair. There are 8 pressure points in the seat and back that vibrate to the acupressure points of the hip, back, and thigh giving extreme relaxation.

The entire material of the chair is PU leather which gives it a firm materialized body. The chair can swivel 360 degrees that help the elderly with flexible turning. Moreover, the pack is cushioned with extra foam for added comfort. There are side pockets to the chair that enables holding extra stuff near while you are relaxing.

There is an internal pull handle that serves the reclining of the chair. Also close to the feet, there is a footrest to place your feet on it. You will find two cup holders on the handles of the chair so that you can keep your drink glass while you are chilling.  The wires at the back are hidden with a friendly wire cover to please visually.

Key Features:

  • made from artificial leather
  • has side pockets
  • the back is extra padded with foam
  • has cup holders
  • has heat and vibrate functioning for lumbar
  • swivels 360 degrees

Pros & Cons

  • has a superior massaging property
  • very comfortable to sit on
  • gives flexible movements
  • acts like a rocking chair
  • has pockets for holding magazines
  • the material is durable

  • the chair does look very ordinary2.

2. Mcombo Electric Lift Recliner Chair

This reclining chair can have a reclining angle up to 140 degrees that have 8 vibrating massage points like the previous one. Along with a subtle heat, the massager provides relaxing manually controlled vibration. The intensity of the massage can be adjusted with the manual controller.

The chair is made with high-quality artificial leather, which adds durability, comfort, and visual appeal with the dark grey color, everything at the same time. The cover does not absorb stain or water, so you can clean it effortlessly just with a wet wipe. It is extensively framed with strong alloy material.

This recliner has a USB charging port along with two cup holders on the armrest. You can charge your device and rest. There are two side pockets to keep your necessities within your reach. This chair has its headrest and armrest excessively padded to give the highest level of comfort.

Key Features:

  • made of faux leather
  • can be titled to 140 degrees
  • has 8 vibrating massage pints
  • has a USB charging port
  • has cup holders
  • has side pockets

Pros & Cons

  • has heat massage therapy
  • very easy to clean
  • has extra features like a USB port, cup holder, and side pockets
  • the headrest is extra padded
  • can swivel 360 degrees
  • it requires no tool to be assembled

  • only people heightened till 5’9” can fit in this

3. Massage Chair Shiatsu Recliner

This recliner is perfect for the new age grandmas and grandpas due to its highly recognized 2020 updated Favor 03 plus. This recliner chair has built-in usable functions such as Bluetooth for playing music, cool and vibrant led lights for pleasing ambiance, and six auto modes.

Unlike the other two, this one has 8 of the massaging rollers for your resting neck and back. The rollers along with some heat provide massage therapy for your body with three different levels of roller speed according to your convenience.  The entire chair is filled with 50 airbags that lift up your weight efficiently.

It has a zero-gravity design to make you flexible and light on the chair. The chair is securely tucked with an iron frame for a durable hold. Plus, it has the capability of carrying 400 pounds of weight at a time!

Key Features:

  • has in-built Bluetooth music player
  • can support weight up to 400 lbs
  • has breathable led lights
  • has six auto modes
  • has a massaging roller with 3 levels of speed
  • supports height up to 6’1”

Pros & Cons

  • you can use the zero gravity buttons to reach your desired reclining angles
  • the roller speed is adjustable and has timer settings
  • supports music playing
  • effortless to put together
  • very functional

  • it is exorbitant

4. Ashley Yandel Lift Recliner Saddle

With its contemporary and traditional look, this recliner has no function other than others. It is made of durable poly fiber, but people mistake it for leather.  Poly fibers are soft and comfy on the human skin. Plus, it has a high headrest which is cushioned with extra material along with its armrest.

This rustic looking recliner has slow movements which are beneficial for the elderly’s sensitive body, or even for a disabled person. This chair has a dual motor lift that gives the back and the neck ultimate resting sessions which they desire.

This chair has a weight capacity of almost 300 lbs which is great for its narrow-designed structure. The airbags inside the chair’s seat prevent it from getting sunk due to frequent sitting. This chair requires installation for a few things, so its hardware already comes with it.

Key Feature:

  • made with robust poly fibers
  • can carry weight up to 300 lbs
  • has slow movement recline
  • requires installation

Pros & Cons

  • cushiony and comfortable
  • has a great weight capacity
  • easy to install
  • made with comfortable material

  • expensive for the functions

5. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

This one is the most pricey recliner you will get on the list. But don’t go on the price if you want comfort, relaxation, ergonomics, and a chair with the most extraordinary features. This can be your non-human massager that provides traditional Japanese SH-Chirotherapy. This therapy unlocks your nerve energy to allow it to flow through the spin to the whole body. This therapy is great for people with severe back and neck injury/ pain.

You can control the massaging force with the manual controller of it. This chair has smart body scanning technology that makes the height and width of it fit your body structure. The foot massager is present there to take up exhaustion from your feet.  Also, you can take a pedicure there in its detachable foot washer with it.

This chair reclines in its zero gravity position up to 120 degrees so that you can enjoy your massage laying on it. The chair itself has a weight of 200 pounds, therefore it has a way higher weight-bearing capacity than this.

Key Features:

  • give shiatsu massage therapy
  • relines 120 degrees
  • has detachable foot washer
  • the armrest is filled with airbags
  • can scan body structure to fit according to it

Pros & Cons

  • gives great massage therapy
  • has a comfortable reclining position
  • has foot rollers
  • has high weight-bearing capacity
  • fits in every kind of body

  • it is very expensive
  • operating it can be difficult for elderly people

6. Padded Recliner by Dorel Living

This is one is a very fundamental looking recliner with extraordinary features. With micro-fibred foaming material, this chair gives the greatest comfort to both your back and hips. This is very easy to operate massaging recliner that senior people can control by themselves.

It has a manual remote controller with which the massager can be set in high-low settings. The massage points are fitted in the seat and back of the chair which can be separately operated if anyone wants. This one swivels to 360 degrees for flexible movements by the elderly.

To release the recliners, there is a lever on the side of the chair, which can be supported and lowered as necessary to fit in a comfortable position. There is nothing technological involved in it, so the elderly can easily understand it.

Key Feature:

  • made with microfiber foam
  • framing is done with microfibers too
  • has a remote controller for easy control of massage
  • it swivels 360 degrees
  • has a convenient leverage pull on the side for reclining

Pros & Cons

  • effortless to use for elderly
  • comfortable seat and back bedding
  • massaging can be controlled
  • can rotate 360 degrees
  • budget-friendly reclining chair

  • it is not very functional

7. Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

Play on the vintage song your grandpa likes and start on the chair’s massager. In this reclining chair, one can listen to music along with the Bluetooth audio play and enjoy massage. This chair is filled with other amazing features like one button zero gravity design which forwards and reverses the waist and backrest to your desired angle.

It gives your entire body a therapeutic massage with 8 comfortable massage rollers that pinpoints the acupressure massaging points of your thigh, neck, shoulders, back, and waist. There is also a waist heater to provide optimum heat along with a gentle massage. The massage rollers can be adjusted to 3 different levels with 6 setting modes.

The chair is made of PU leather for ultimate durability, water repellency, and ease of cleaning. And the entire body of the chair is framed with strong iron wires. There is also an afoot roller to massage your feet.

Key Features:

  • has Bluetooth audio player
  • made with faux leather
  • has a built-in heater for waist massage
  • has 8 adjustable massaging rollers
  • it weighs 175 pounds

Pros & Cons

  • a highly functional chair
  • provides extreme massage with heat
  • includes a foot massager too
  • easy to clean
  • does not require assembling

  • it is very expensive

8. Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This one is the second most expensive reclining chair on the list due to its amazing functions. This provides heat and airbag massages with 9 different kinds of manual controlling power. Your arm massage is given full attention into this chair with an arm box that intakes the arms inside and does its job.

The construction of this chair is done with synthetic leather for attaining the comfort and durability of the chair. The material won’t tear or fade in the longest time, plus it is easy to clean due to its property being water-resistant. This chair gives a very intense massage at its highest speed that goes into your muscle tissues and relieves pain.

At the lower back of the chair, there are heating pads that you can use solely without vibrating massage. Not only arm massage, but there is also a partially enclosed leg and foot massager too. So, this is massage therapy for the whole body.

Key Features:

  • made of synthetic leather
  • has a separate manual controller
  • has 9 different kinds of controlling units
  • has heating pads
  • has airbag heating and massaging technology

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable to sit on for long
  • has a different manual controlling ability
  • massages even the arms and legs
  • easy to clean material of the chair
  • gives the body a relaxing deep tissue massage

  • tough to operate for elder people
  • it cannot rotate

9. Rylan Swivel Glider Recliner Chair

This is a very classic square-shaped recliner chair. You can fit your reclining position of the chair with handle leverage at the internal side of the armrest. This ensures a smooth and flexible swiveling of the chair. Moreover, beneath the chair, there are 360 degrees rotating swivel which helps for the buttery rotation of the chair without less force.

This chair is absolutely best for fixing the posture of the body because of its rigid spring core foam. The foam is rigid does not mean it is uncomfortable. It is nicely padded at the seat to deliver that coziness. The build of this chair is very sturdy.

This is a minimalist recliner chair that will go with any kind of home interior. It has a footbed which can be uplifted with that leverage pull in order to make a temporary relaxing bed. This requires no technical ability to operate, plus its easy assembly is a bonus.

Key Features:

  • has classic silhouette square shape
  • made with spring core foam
  • seat is padded
  • has a footbed
  • swivels 360 degrees

Pros & Cons

  • very minimalist and basic
  • comfortable and rigid
  • can rotate all around
  • it is very user-friendly
  • it requires no assembling

  • it is not functional

10. Serta Power Recliner

This is also a basic comforting chair appropriate and user-friendly for the elderly to use. It is made of durable chenille fabric which adds to the softness and coziness of the chair. And the deep chocolate color is worth having in any home interior (if you payment details to furniture for home interior).

This is a petite chair and fits in compact home interiors easily. It can be laid flat with the footrest glided upwards for resting purposes. The leverage pull is totally manual and does not require so much energy for that. The swivel is very smooth and comfortable to those old hands of seniors.

You can easily take your evening naps on this soft and rich chair. Moreover, the entire chair comes in two pieces, which requires a ten-minute assembling of it. There is no technical process involved in installing this. It can accommodate a long person a 6’1” of height. This is a piece of the true quality chair at an affordable range.

Key Features:

  • has manual lifting leverage
  • made with chenille fabric
  • can be laid flat for rest
  • comes in two pieces only
  • can carry people heightened up to 6’1”

Pros & Cons

  • the chair is made from a rich and comfy material
  • this chair is a value for money
  • the lifting is super easy and manual
  • foamed very nicely
  • fits inside small homes
  • highly user-friendly for senior people

  • this chair does not have additional features

What you should be looking for in a reclining chair for the elderly:

Choosing anything for the elderly means you have to pay extra attention to details, including comfort, reliability, and ease of use. Same for a technical chair like recliners which have been incorporated with additional features over the years. These are way more than those traditional armchairs. So, the things that should be considered are:

  • heat massaging functions: the heat massage functions help the old age back, and neck pain relief, along with providing extreme comfort. The massaging rollers and points should be comfortable enough for their fragile muscles and bones.
  • Functionality: even though elderly people may not need superior functions like Bluetooth, or a USB port on their reclining chair. But certain basic functions such as reclining angles, massage controller, cup holder are necessary to be present for functioning.
  • Ease of use: elder people have less or no idea of certain technical functions. Therefore, for them choose a reclining chair that is easy to use and mostly has manual functioning.
  • Comfort: the seat, back, and armrest should be softly foamed and enough padded to offer them comfort for the body. Their old body won’t be able to take hard cushioning for long. Moreover, if there is a footrest at the bottom, then they will be able to rest their foot on it instead of on the ground.
  • 360 degrees Swivel: a chair having 360 degrees of swivel offers the elderly movement flexibility. So, everyone won’t have to stay near them all the time.
  • Ease of cleaning: like children, elderly people also are prone to make the chair dirty by dispersing food or drink on it. Therefore, buy a recliner with water and stain repellent material. This will ease up the caretaker’s work.

Should recliners be doctors recommended for the elderly?

Generally reclining chairs are meant for massaging with heat therapy for alleviating pain. However, if the elderly have any kind of muscle or bone injury, it is recommended to consult a doctor as massaging can trigger the pain more.

Is the footrest of any use?

Since the elderly are vulnerable to getting their feet swollen due to water retention for prolonged hanging it. So the footrests are there where they can keep the feet instead of the ground.

Can the elderly sleep on a recliner?

Reclining chairs have very limited space which limits their movement while sleeping. For this, their muscles might feel stiff in the morning. So, even after staying an entire day on a recliner, they should sleep in bed comfortably.

Final Verdict

Now it should not be tough to choose the best recliners for seniors in your house. From our selected reclining chairs, you can trust and pick anyone you want. The reclining chairs are high-quality even though they are different in features So if you feel your elderly parents or grandparents are in need of it, then it is the right time to buy one now.


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