Best Ways To Clean Windows

best ways to clean windows

Best Ways To Clean Windows: For most of us washing windows is a tiresome job. To avoid doing it all over again, it is very important that you clean it completely at your first attempt. To eliminate any dirt or containment which is blocking natural light to enter your room, you must clean and wash your windows on regular basis. Not washing your windows eventually leads to the degradation of your windows glass. Window’s glass will become for amino us and prone to containment and dirt.

Best Ways To Clean Windows in 2020

Depending upon the type of your windows, for instance, interior or exterior windows, and their surroundings you must decide the interval after which you should wash your windows. If you are locating in a crowded area like in a city then, you must clean your windows once in a month otherwise cleaning it once every two months would be enough.

We will discuss here better and improved ways to clean your window. These practices will allow you to finish your task as early as possible and maintain the balance of your windows.

The Best Ways to Clean Windows

When you start cleaning you must be strict with these rules first.

  • It is only wise to choose a sunny dry day for your task of cleaning windows as it is easier to see daub on a sunny day.
  • Before starting the cleaning process you must remove all the dust from the window. It will help you avoid any mess on the floor later on.
  • Although not necessary it is wise to remove window dressings especially if you are cleaning it after a year’s break.
  • Get hold of some old newspapers before the start. Buffing your glass with newspaper will have good effects on it.
  • Your decision to clean your windows depends on the size of your windows, how dirty they are, and how much time do you have. So here are our few suggestions to clean your windows in the best possible way.
  • If your window is not too ugly then to achieve streak-free cleaning a wet microfiber cloth and a dry cloth is enough. The advantage of these clothes is that they are reusable after a visit to a washing machine. A squeegee can be used to speed up the process before microfiber cloth. Never use a kitchen roll instead of a microfiber as it will leave separated fibers on the window.
  • Sometimes microfiber clothes are not enough for your window due to too much dirt on them. In that case, the solution is to wash it with liquid, and hot water. First, use soapy water with a sponge, and then microfiber cloth. Do not use too bubbly water as it will leave streaks on the window.
  • There are natural ways to remove tough dirt marks. Vinegar is an old classic way to remove tough dirt. Your parents must have used this technique too. The use of vinegar is the best way as it is non-toxic. Just add little vinegar in warm water, and your homemade window washer is ready. You can also use a spray bottle for your homemade vinegar window washer. Do not air the area just after the spray of your vinegar window washer.
  • If after all that dirt is still there on the window then go for a good liquid product available in the market. You should consult with a professional window cleaner before going out to the market for buying a chemical liquid. Always follow the manufacturer guidelines available on the product.
  • A window vac is a better idea if you have a big house which is prone to dirt. Make your window vac has long battery life, and it is cordless.
  • Lemon can also be used for small windows. Cut the lemon in half, and rub it over the windows.
  • These are some of the best ways to clean your windows. Remember for windows on rooftops where a ladder is required to leave the job to professionals.

Our long and painstaking look into finding the best ways for window washing comes to an end here. We now leave it to you to try these ways to clean your windows in the best way possible.

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