Best Wedge Pillow For Acid Reflux

Do you suffer from a sudden acidity on your throat and chest at night? This is due to acid reflux where the acid travels through your throat while you lay. Apart from having medicine, there is another natural prevention to this problem, which is an acid reflux pillow! These kinds of pillows are made in the shape of a wedge specifically for people who suffer from frequent gastrointestinal diseases. Apart from preventing acid reflux at night, this pillow helps with a lot of other diseases such as breathing difficulty, nasal drips, migraine, heartburn, back pain, etc. So who wouldn’t want it? Thus to get you the best wedge pillow for acid reflux and others we have come up with this new article.

We hope you won’t be disappointed and will find it beneficial if you came here searching for a good quality wedge pillow.

Best Wedge Pillow For Acid Reflux Review

To review, we have chosen 10 of the wedge pillow for acid reflux to extend your choice.

If you are a newbie or does not have any doctor recommendation, then you can read our buying guide to find one!

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1. InteVision Extra Large Bed Wedge Pillow

This wedge pillow is also doctors’ recommended for its immense benefits in reducing certain health issues including acid reflux. This super-sized wedge pillow comes with an additional headrest pillow too. This one is the updated version of the wedge pillow of InteVision that has a 2-inches of comfy memory foam on the topmost layer of the wedge. This enables a comfortable rest of your head, neck, and back on it.

This supersize wedge pillow has a width of 30.5 inches which makes you adjust your entire body within it at night. The wedge pillow has built-in airflow channels which makes it breathable and does not soak up your body heat. Moreover, the pillow itself is entirely made of durable polyurethane foam after the 2-inch memory foam. Plus, the top is covered with a silky-smooth Egyptian cotton cover which is removable and washable.

You can adjust the height of the headrest pillow with the adjuster it comes with. The headrest pillow is also breathable due to built-in airflow channels. Overall, this pillow is worth every single penny!

Key Features:

  • comes with a headrest pillow
  • both have built-in airflow channels
  • has 2-inches memory foam on top
  • the width is 30.5 inches!
  • the bottom is of polyurethane foam
  • has soft Egyptian cover on the top

Pros & Cons

  • very comfortable due to the memory foam
  • the bottom foam makes the pillow sturdy and resilient
  • both the pillows are breathable
  • extra width allows adjustments
  • recommended by doctors for many health issues

  • it is a bit pricey

2. FitPlus Bed Wedge, Premium Wedge Pillow

Gift yourself a goodnight’s sleep if you suffer from acid reflux with this highly comfortable wedge pillow by FitPlus. This wedge pillow has a 1.5 inches thickness of memory that helps you with that comfort you desire at night sleep. The memory foam is so soft that it captures the shape of your body immediately. The base beneath the memory foam is entire of high-graded polyurethane foam to prevent collapsing.

There is a soft and comfy cover on top of the pillow which is said to be breathable, removable, and washable for your convenience. The wedge is quite wide to help you with body adjustments at night. Not only at night, but you can also relax on this comfortably while you are watching TV, working on your laptop, and much more.

This wedge pillow is recommended by doctors and is proven to be beneficial for health issues like heartburn, digestive disorder, respiratory difficulty, and snoring apart from acid reflux.

Key Features:

  • has 1.5 inches memory foam on top
  • the bottom consists of polyurethane foam
  • has a soft cover on the top
  • doctor recommended for certain health issues
  • weighs 4.34 pounds

Pros & Cons

  • the memory foam holds your body shape for a comfortable sleep
  • high-density foam beneath does not collapse
  • the cover can be removed and washed
  • the cover is breathable

  • the length is not fit for tall people

3. Relax Home Life 7.5 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow

This wedge pillow is acid reflux, and back pain therapy at home. With its 1.5 inches of memory foam on the top, it provides your head, neck, and back a comforting ambiance. You won’t need a separate pillow if you sleep on this magical wedge pillow. You can sleep, and chill lying on it.

Below the memory foam, the rest 6 inches is resilient polyurethane foam to hold your weight. There is a soft and luxurious cover on top of the foam made of bamboo viscose. The cover is removable and machine washable too.

Moreover, the cover is hypoallergenic, breathable, and mite-resistant. So, you can relax on it without getting bites from pesky insects.

With this wedge pillow you will get relief from allergies, snoring, coughing, breathing-problem, and much more.

Key Features:

  • has memory foam as fill material
  • the cover is made from viscose bamboo
  • the below foam is polyester material
  • it weighs 3.39 pounds
  • the memory foam is made to contour your body shape

Pros & Cons

  • has soft and comfy memory foam on top
  • the cover is skin-friendly and pest-resistant
  • the cover is washable and breathable
  • lightweight so can be carried from room to room
  • made from high-density polyester fabric

  • the length is not perfect for tall people

4. Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

Suffering from poor blood circulation, acid reflux, back pain, or mild hernia? Then invest in this therapy at an affordable price that is the Brentwood wedge pillow. The slope of this pillow is quite gradual without being too sloppy, which helps in relieving pain in the neck and back faster.

The wedge pillow has a cozy bamboo cover on top, which helps to keep your body cool by air flowing your body heat. Moreover, bamboo helps to keep pests and mites away, so your pillow will stay protected from those. It can be removed and machine-washed whenever you feel like it. This pillow is great at improving body posture as it does not have any soft memory foam.

You can choose your suitable heightened pillow from the three height options available. You can use this pillow as your luxurious comforting pillow while you watch TV, read books, or even work on your laptop. This is a simple yet versatile wedge pillow to have.

Key Features:

  • made for multi-uses
  • the pillow cover is made with bamboo
  • comes in three sizes
  • designed to improve your posture
  • made with durable foaming inside

Pros & Cons

  • it is a therapeutic wedge pillow
  • the cover is breathable and removable
  • the price is exorbitant

  • beginners might not feel comforting due to the absence of memory foam

5. Bed Wedge Pillow

Can you ever imagine you would get a 7-in-1 design for a bed wedge pillow under $60? This convertible wedge pillow takes your comfort to the next level. The seven types of converts it can make up to are, low-inclined, high-inclined, sitting, knee support, leg elevation, high-knee support, and long incline.

The foam gives pressure releasing support to make you comfortable. There is a carrying handle on top that helps easy carrying while you travel. And the best part is that this pillow is foldable, which means you can definitely make this your travel partner. The entire covering of the pillow is made of polyester material. The cover has a zipper opening to take out to wash. Also, the cover is breathable so your body heat isn’t absorbed.

With this multi-used wedge pillow, you can cure many health issues including acid reflux, neck pain, snoring, varicose, knee pain, etc. The wedge pillow is free from any strong odor of the foam

Key Features:

  • this is a 7-in-1 wedge pillow
  • it is foldable
  • it has a carrying handle
  • the covering is made of plush polyester
  • odorless foam is used to make the pillow

Pros & Cons

  • has supreme convertible design, basically, you are paying for 7 things in one
  • very convenient and travel-friendly
  • the cover is cozy and breathable
  • the cover can be machine washed
  • the zipper is sturdy
  • affordable, in terms of functionality
  • the foam is odor-free

  • does not have memory foam for comfort
  • it is too petite

6. Xtreme 7″ Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

This wedge pillow comes with comfort and quality. The design is pleasantly done to provide better support and sleep for the people who have acid reflux, cold, snoring, and back pain. It has a memory foaming that releases body pressure, supports one’s body contour, helps to relax the muscles, and then comes back to its shape again.

The covering of the pillow is made of bamboo which is hypoallergenic, breathable, eco-friendly, and machine washable. You can have a cool and peaceful relaxation moment on this pillow.

The zipper of the cover is made of high-quality material for smooth opening and closing of the cover. You can open the cover from the pillow effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • built with 7 inches memory foam
  • the cover is made of bamboo
  • made to support body alignment
  • the zipper is of high-quality

Pros & Cons

  • can be machine washed
  • the cover is breathable and cozy
  • the memory foam holds the body shape and releases pressure
  • the zippers are very smooth

  • not suitable for people with bad body posture

7. Xtra Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow

This comfort pillow has a 3-in-1 convertible design. It can be used as back support, knee support, and of course, for sleeping. This wedge pillow is quite compact and foldable which makes it travel-friendly. There is a carriage handle on top of the foam.

The foam part is complete of memory which provides ultimate comfort by taking your body shape and releasing pressure. The memory foam has a high density for which it comes back to its original shape as soon as you get up.

The beige color cover it has is removable and washable. The zipper on the cover is made sturdily of polyester material for smooth operation without making any discomfort.

Key Features:

  • can be folded
  • has a 3-in-1 convertible design
  • made of highly dense memory foam
  • there is a removable cover

Pros & Cons

  • very comforting
  • the foam take away your body pressure
  • easy to carry as this being foldable
  • quite functional
  • has sturdy and smooth zippers

  • the cover is not breathable

8. Unique Curved Design Bed Wedge Pillow

This is a multi-use pillow because of its sharp corners it can serve as a knee support, back support, and a sleeping partner as well. There are three sizes for this wedge pillow. The memory foam is not an ordinary one, but a visco-elastic premium one, which has higher density and rigidity than the ordinary ones. This foam does not shape automatically, it takes the body heat of yours into account and then contours itself.

It comes with two kinds of covers for your convenience. One is made of bamboo for a more environment-friendly cause, which also will let sufficient airflow in the flow. Another cover is made from polyester which adds comfort and coziness for you. Plus, that is skin-friendly too.

It is a compact and lightweight wedge pillow that you can take anywhere with you. You can carry it inside a rugged bag and you will be fine with it.

Key Features:

  • has multi-use feature
  • comes in three different sizes
  • made of visco-elastic memory foam for more density
  • comes with a bamboo and a polyester cover
  • the edge is sharp for easy sleeping

Pros & Cons

  • very firm yet comfy
  • the covers are both soft and airy
  • lightweight and convenient
  • it has multi uses

  • it’s a bit expensive

9. MedSlant Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux

This wedge pillow ensures to relieve your acid reflux problem at maximum level with its highly slanted edge. The pillow covering is made of durable polyester, which is both eco-friendly and skin-friendly. The filled foam holds the exact shape of your body from head to hip. You can sleep on a pillow too.

This pillow is foldable, which makes it travel-friendly and suitcase ready. It is already petite, so think if folded how its shape will reduce! The wedge pillow already comes with its own suitcase to be carried, which is a rugged, sturdy, and PEVA carrying case.

The cover of the wedge pillow is made from poly-cotton to give you that cottony-soft feel while you sleep. It can be opened and washed, still won’t shrink a bit from its original shape. Also, the zippers ensure a smooth and secured fit of the cover around the pillow.

Key Features:

  • it is foldable
  • comes with a carrying case
  • made of polyester
  • covering made of poly cotton

Pros & Cons

  • comfortable, yet rigid
  • travel-friendly and convenient
  • comes with a rugged suitcase
  • the cover is made with high-quality material

  • not breathable

10. Cushy Form 10 Inch Memory Foam Bed

This one is a medically designed wedge pillow made with 10 inches of height to benefit you with snoring, acid reflux, and GERD. This one has high-density memory foam on top to give your back comfort by contouring to its shape. Due to its softness, it takes your body shape, and due to the density, it returns to its original shape after usage.

It can be converted into three different styles. Firstly, for an elevated sleep, then an upright sitting, and for leg elevation. The foam is rigid and anti-collapsible.

There is also a removable and washable pillow cover on top, which is made with soft and airy material. This won’t hold your body heat, rather will let air pass and keep your body cool all the time. For your ease, you can simply wash this cover in a machine with cold water to use it for a longer time.

 Key Feature:

  • Made with high-density memory foam
  • It is designed medically with 10 inches of height
  • Is made to be used in 3 different ways
  • Has a removable cover

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable and uncollapsible
  • Has many used and adjustable
  • The cover is breathable and washable
  • Holds the body shape

  • It is way too dense

What you need to know before buying the best wedge pillow for acid reflux

It is mandatory to know about some features that your acid reflux pillow must-have or should have. From wherever you buy a wedge pillow, you have to look for these specific things or else you will be handed over with a fake and cheap pillow.

  • Breathability: breathability refers to when there is an in-built airflow mechanism in your wedge pillow. It is obvious that the human body will release heat. The heat does not get trapped in the pillow and wets the entire thing that is breathability is important to keep your body cool and dry. Either the pillow or the pillow cover can have this function.
  • Size: since wedge pillows come in different sizes with length, width, and height. If the pillow is shorter than your body, then you won’t find comfort sleeping on them. The same goes for the width too.
  • Functionality: the pillows that are functional can be used for multiple purposes not only for sleeping. You can use them for your other problematic part of the body.
  • Covering: the covering material should be cozy and breathable so that you wake up with a happy face after a sound sleep. Moreover, the cover should be easily machine washable so that you don’t have to rug and scrub the covering by yourself.
  • Foam: the most important part of the wedge pillow is the foam. If you want your body-shape to get contoured with the foam for comfort, then buy the one with a layer of memory foam on top. If your motive is to fix your posture, then choose without the memory foam.

Also, the bottom foam should be sturdy enough to hold your weight.

Is there any specific position for sleeping on a wedge pillow?

Doctors always recommend sleeping on the left side to get relief from acid reflux at night. However, there is no certain way mentioned anywhere that sleeping position on a wedge pillow matters!

Can sleeping on a regular pillow by adjusting their height will help?

If you increase the height of your regular pillow, it will only support your head. But a wedge pillow supports your head, chest, and back at once so the acid cannot travel up from your stomach.

How can I wash the cover in a machine?

To keep the shine and texture of the cover, it is highly advisable to wash it in cold water, then tumble dry. Remember, never use bleach on them.

Final Verdict

A wedge pillow will never be a waste of money because someone in your family might be suffering from such kinds of heaThen read our review to get to know the best wedge pillow for acid reflux and buy your own. lth issues, such as acidity or heartburn. So, the best wedge pillow for acid reflux will be a perfect choice of gift for them. Apart from therapeutic purposes, this wedge pillow gives you a comfortable sleeping position for sound sleep, and who won’t want that? Therefore, we advise you to buy one.

If you have liked any of those wedge pillows, you can buy them instantly. Having a pillow does not have to be doctor recommended. Use it before you have to go to a doctor eventually!


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