How Often Should You Use A Vacuum And Carpet Cleaner

You Use A Vacuum And Carpet Cleaner: It would interest you to know that there is a connection between living in a clean space and your mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual health. It reflects your values, where you are in your life, and can even influence how you function. If you doubt that, have your home squeaky clean, ventilated, and comfortable for a week, then transform it to an unrecognizable mess the following week. Deal?

While some enjoy this little physical chore of vacuuming, others do not. Still, it goes without saying that as a homeowner, you deserve a clean and conducive living space, whether it’s convenient or not. Well, that is where the notion of- if you cannot do it yourself; pay a professional to do it for you. Whatever you decide, let us take a proper look at the “why”.

Why use a vacuum and carpet cleaner at all?

If you think about our little one-week cleaning experiment as mentioned earlier, or maybe you have tried it before, you would agree that frequent vacuuming and carpet cleaning is a great idea. Here are some of its implications.

  1. Health implications 

Studies show that cleaning your carpet and overall environment prevents threatening health conditions. From small allergy symptoms like cough wheezing and sneezing, because of hidden particles, to serious skin problems like acne, eczema; as well as heart problems likes heart diseases and stroke. There are another mental, emotional and psychological implications.

  1. Financial implications 

How does saving your money and using it for better things other than paying hospital bills sound? A lack of usage can damage your, so you also save yourself the stress and money of frequently replacing your vacuum cleaner for the simple reason of negligence. Equipment.

  1. Social implications

#GoodVibesOnly right? It is quite simple; a clean environment promotes good energy. It affects the overall mood of everyone present and creates the perfect ambiance for human interaction and relaxation for you, your family, and guests.

Now that you understand why you should be using your vacuum and carpet cleaner, and the implications of not using them, the only reasonable thing to do next is to decide how often you should be using your cleaning equipment.

To keep your home in a good and clean state and at the same time keep your cleaning equipment in a good and functioning condition to help them last longer, here are factors to help you decide how often you should use your vacuum and carpet cleaner.

  1. Resources

Just as you have a daily routine you follow religiously without putting much thought to, form a routine out of using your vacuum and carpet cleaner. However, the trick is, find a routine that works for you and is suitable for your lifestyle. If you always have tight schedules, it is advisable to vacuum once a week. But if you have the luxury of time, then vacuuming once a day would make a good cleaning routine for you. You can restrict cleaning your carpets to a few times a year.

  1. Medical condition

Dust particles and allergens accumulate and hide in our environments daily. This is not one to take lightly. If you or anyone in your home has any medical conditions, allergies, and respiratory health issues such as asthma, then vacuuming should be done daily, and your carpets should be cleaned as often as possible. It would also interest you to know that studies have found this capable of reducing allergic and asthmatic symptoms.

  1. Pets and high traffic 

If not only you and your family but also pets inhabit your home, then you should consider vacuuming as often as twice a week and cleaning your carpets every 3 to 4 months. We may shed a little to no hair on a daily basis, but our little pets shed quite a lot daily, hence the need for a more frequent approach. This is also applicable if you smoke or you witness high traffic in some parts of your home- places people frequent most at home.


As you try to live a clean and healthy lifestyle through vacuuming and carpet cleaning, do not forget to always wear a facemask and plastic gloves. These always come in handy and will save you a great deal.


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