How To Change Lawn Mower Blade

how to change lawn mower blade

How To Change Lawn Mower Blade: A lawn mower is a useful equipment to maintain a lawn but with the passage of time you may observe some misbehavior from the lawn mower. This can be most probably because the blade of lawn mower may wear out over a period of time.

How To Change Lawn Mower Blade

If you are worried about the missing patches that your lawn mower has left in the grass that you recently mowed then it is not a big issue. You can get rid of this problem by changing the blade of the mower which can be done in a few easy steps.

Remove the power supply and fuel:

  • The most important thing while working on a machine which has an electrical supply is to cut off electricity. If your lawn mower has a battery you should also remove it to prevent any accidents.
  • You should take care of fuel to prevent any mess. You can either drain it off or you should tight the cap of the fuel tank.

How to tilt or lift the mower:

  • Then you are looking for a way to expose the blades of your lawn mower. It can be different for different models. You should consult the user manual of your device for the manufacturer’s advice.
  • You can either do it by tilting it back and using some support to balance it or you can also tilt to the side to expose the blade of it.

Try to open the nut or bolt that is holding the blade:

  • Once you lift the lawn mower you will see a nut or bolt that is holding the blade and you should try to open it.
  • You can try by using a wrench according to nut or bolt.
  • You should be aware of the orientation of the blade while removing it as you would be required to reassemble it in the same way.

What will happened if the nut or bolt is too stiff?

  • If the nut or bolt is too stiff and it is not opening then you may be required to use some lubricating oil and try again after some time.
  • You should use more leverage of the wrench to open the bolt easier.
  • Once you have opened the holding nuts then you can easily remove the blade.

Installation of new blade:

  • You are required to buy a good replacement for the older blade. This blade can depend on the requirement of your lawnmower.
  • You can install a new blade following some easy steps.
  • You should align the blade in a specific direction. This direction should give the same orientation to the blade as it was before removal.
  • Now you can install washers and bolt or nut.
  • You need to be careful about the amount of force you are going to apply to tight the nut.
  • If you are not sure how to balance the force you can consult the user’s manual to solve the problem.
  • If the blade is loose it can open up during the operation which can be dangerous.
  • If the bolt is too tight then it may cause vibrations in the machine.

Reconnect the battery and fuel the tank:

Now you can reconnect the battery, check motor oil, and fuel it as per demand. When you are finished with the installation process then you can test the lawnmower by cutting some grass if it is working well then you have done a good job.

Which blade should you buy?

  • There are several blades available on the market that come in different sizes and shapes with different specifications and they work on specific models.
  • You are required to buy blade for your lawn mower based on the specifications of your model.

Deck Blade:

  • Many of the lawnmowers are using this kind of blade and it can be used to maintain lawns with good efficiency.

Some of the lawnmowers have lifting blades:

  • Lifting blades can come in different curves and are suitable for multiple operations.
  • Low lifting blades are good for dusty areas as they can easily remove grass without causing too much disturbance.
  • There are also other types of lifting blades that are suitable for your lawns and can be referred as the blades with medium lift.
  • Some other blades have a higher lift than that which are suitable for much thicker glass.

Some of them also use rolling blades:

  • Rolling blades are suitable for cutting moist grasses and they come with a notch so they can do the task quickly.
  • These are designed to cover the top layer of ground with the grass. This process can have advantages.
  • This process can help to control the growth of weeds and they also help to prevent moisture in the soil which can be very useful in the summer season.
  • This can prevent soil from blowing away by holding it together.
  • This process can also provide better nutrients for the soil as grass covering can prevent the nutrients from washing away due to rain.
  • As it is a known fact that earthworm can help to improve nutrient cycling and this process encourages more earthworm to come in.
  • Mulching can fill up empty spaces in your garden and make it look better. It can give your lawn a finishing look and it can be a much easier solution for filling empty spaces in your garden.

Gator blades:

  • They are the improved version of mulching blades with a better ability to mulch grass and also with the capacity to bag them.
  • They have a better work rate with improved quality.

Which blade do you need?

  • This can depend on a few things.
  • You will need a blade according to the size of the lawn you are operating in.
  • The surface you have will also determine the type of blade you need.
  • Now you can decide your blade based on the types explained above along with the qualities.

Final Thoughts:

A lawnmower is beautiful equipment that can work best when it is properly maintained. You may be required to change the blade of a lawn mower when it is not working well. You can change it in some simple steps if you are aware of the specifications and type of blade your lawn mower needs.

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