How to Change the Weed Eater Line

How to Change the Weed Eater Line

Introduction to how to change the weed eater line: Annoying grass and weeds grow rapidly but a good weed eater trimmer can trim these. After using the weed eater line can be damaged even it is a well-branded trimmer. So it must be changed after damage. We give you instructions on how to change the weed eater line. It is simple to change the line if you can screw up the nut parts.

How to change the weed eater line Reviews in 2020?

Being a user, you must know that, how to change the weed eater line? Generally, by using the trimmer weed eater line damages slowly. Then it must be changed. If you know how to change it, then it will be very helpful to you.

Choose the correct sized weed eater line

First of all, you must check the load of your work. From a simple weed eater string size chart, you can find out the actual size of the string. The string trimmer line shows up to an extent of thicknesses. For light work, for instance, tending to grass, 0.065″-0.085″ should be sufficient. For thicker grass and weeds, a line in the 0.085″-0.110″ domain will put everything in order, and for thicker underbrush, anything thicker than 0.110″ will work.

Steps to do

By following the steps you can easily change the string.

Step: 1

Be sure about the thickness and length of the string or else it will not work on your trimmer if you buy a wrong sized string.

Step: 2

Make sure that your trimmer is cool and it is turned off.

Step: 3

Eliminate the holding top from the trimmer head. This will likely include either unscrewing it, squeezing one or various tabs, or a blend of the two.

Step: 4

Find the starter opening in the spool. Supplement the tip of the trimmer line, and wind toward the arrows. Wrap the line in flawless, snap it into the retainer on the spool to hold it set up.

Step: 5

Line up the retainer with the opening outwardly of the head. Now Replace the spool into the head of the trimmer. Eliminate the line from the retainer, and get it through the space to ensure it is working smoothly. Reattach the holding top.

Other ways to change the string

If you want it can be changed in a simple way. The answer to how to string a weed eater with one hole you can push string in one hole and it will exit from the other side.

Another weed eater line alternative is the line is made of metal chain. To make an unbreakable weed eater line metal chain is the best option.


We have discussed shortly how to change the weed eater line so that you can change it manually. These are the short methods if you follow your garden will neat and tidy. To get rid of your panic and waste of money instruction and steps will help you to overcome the problem.

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