How To Clean Bathroom Drain

How To Clean Bathroom Drain

How To Clean Bathroom Drain: Soap scum and mineral depositions can build up in the bathroom over a period of time. Your bathroom can look clean and beautiful but if it is producing some smell that is not good there might be an issue with the drain.

How To Clean Bathroom Drain

You should always take care and prevent items from going down the drain but soap and minerals can cause problems after some time and a smelly drain would be the last thing you want in your washroom.

If you are not feeling good with your drain and it is a bit smelly then you should try to clean it because if you leave it untreated then it can form a clog after some time which would result in the blockage of the drain.

You can get rid of smelly drains in your washroom by following some simple steps.

Maintenance of bathroom drain on regular basis:

  • You should maintain your bathroom drain on regular basis to avoid any troubles in the future.
  • The best way of maintenance is by keeping your washroom drain clean.
  • You should remove any scattered remains of materials that can accumulate there.
  • Use a drain stopper to stop materials going down the drain and always keep it clean after every usage.
  • You should use natural products to stop building up bacteria in the drain.

What should you do if your bathroom drain gets blocked?

  • If you couldn’t maintain your bathroom drain over a period of time and it is clogged now. Then you can use some natural products and remedies to get rid of it.

Some of the good solutions can be:

You can use sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda to clear the drain:

  • Baking soda which is known for its natural ability to clear the clogs can be used to clean the bathroom drains.
  • You can use this home remedy to remove drains in some simple steps.
  • You should pour down some baking soda down the drain based on your requirement usually it can be one and a half cups if you are facing a challenging clog.
  • You would now require some hot water to pour it down the drain.
  • If the blockage in your drain is due to black slime then this home remedy can work well for you.
  • You should wait for sometime after pouring hot water so that sodium bicarbonate can dissolve the slime.

You can also add vinegar to sodium bicarbonate:

  • If pouring sodium bicarbonate down the drain is not working well for you can go for a little improvement in the process.
  • After pouring sodium bicarbonate down the drain then you should follow it with a cup of vinegar which will make it stronger and it can help to dissolve more materials to open the clog.
  • Further, you can use some spoons of salt along with sodium bicarbonate and vinegar and leave it in the drain for a few hours if clogs are tougher.

You can use a stronger combination of Borax and Lemon:

  • If a combination of sodium bicarbonate, vinegar and salt is also not working for you then you can also use a stronger combination of borax and lemon.
  • The combination of Borax and lemon can be used to clean stains. Borax is a good caustic drain cleaner.
  • You can pour some amount of borax in the drain and then follow it with some hot water. You may have to repeat it for tougher clogs and it can work.

You can also use a drain snake to remove clogs:

  • Drain snakes are usually available in hardware stores. They can be effective to remove clogs from the drains.
  • You need to follow some instructions so that you can use it properly.
  • You can simply push a drain snake down the drain. Due to the shape of a snake, it can work well with the design of a drain.
  • Once you are pushing it down the drain you will feel blockage somewhere down the drain.
  • Now you need to push and rotate it until the drain is completely free.
  • You should pour some water down the drain to make sure that the drain is clear.

You can also use a plunger to clear the drain:

  • You can clear the blockage with a plunger following some easy steps.
  • You can pour some water in the sink to seal the plunger. If you have a double opening sink you need to seal the other side.
  • Once you have sealed the other end now you can plunge up and down.
  • You should try to force water into the drain by pulling the head of the plunger into the water and plunge forcefully.
  • This method can solve the problem most of the time if the clog is not too deep.
  • You may have to repeat the process a few times.

You can also clean the drain by hand:

  • If you can remove the drain cover by simple unscrewing and reach for the clog by hand then it can be a good option to do so.
  • You may be required to use gloves, flashlights, and a hook to clear the clog.
  • It can be simple and time-saving if it can work.

You can also use chemical cleaners to clear the drain:

  • Most of the commercially available chemicals to clear the drains are strong chemicals.
  • You can use chemicals but they can never be the priority. The use of chemicals can be risky for both the pipes and skin.
  • They must be handled with proper care and should never be used in excess.
  • You should never mix chemicals as they can react
  • Always use chemicals according to instructions provided by the supplier.

A plumber may be required to fix the drain:

  • If you have tried home remedies and a chemical solution is also not working then you can go for a professional plumber who can solve the problem for you.

Final Thoughts:

You would never want your washroom to smell bad. A smelly drain can be avoided using some simple natural solutions and preventions. If you are required to clean a drain then some simple home remedies can work for you. Use chemicals as the last option and as minimum as possible.

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