How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

You must worry about how to clean bathroom tiles professionally and totally, and here we will give you several reasons. A bathroom is a place that, as a general rule, accumulates a large amount of dirt. Humidity is one of the worst enemies you can find in the area.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles 2020

All this raises the question of how to clean bathroom tiles, and we will answer all the questions. We are going to remove mold and soap stains, which can also wreak havoc. We will use homemade products and the occasional very effective chemical remedy.

Tips on how to clean bathroom tiles

This work can be a little difficult at times, but not after reading this post. We want to give you several tips on how to clean bathroom tiles using quite practical strategies. Nobody frees us from the dirt, so we must face it to solve any problem.

If you have surfed the internet, you may have come across hundreds of methods to clean the bathroom. However, you may have doubts, because you do not know which are the most suitable. Well, the solution you find with this domestic cleaning agency, we are the best in the country.

The materials to use

If you want to work on how to clean bathroom tiles, you must use the right equipment. We always recommend the use of microfiber mops because they are very soft and practical. There are even some models that include a telescopic pole that make cleaning work more comfortable.

Besides, this class of products is not only suitable for tiles, as their mobility allows them to go anywhere. They are ideal for bathtubs, showers, and lower areas of the toilet. Some models even have a swivel joint so that it can be useable much more accessible.

How to clean bathroom tiles: the kinds of stains

As we have mentioned, the main enemies of the bathrooms are stains and humidity. Therefore, we must know a little more about the drawbacks of taking the necessary measures. Next, we expose the most common types of stains inside any bathroom.

– Mold stains

It is the most common stain you will encounter, especially on tile joints. They are caused due to the accumulation of liquid, especially in the areas near the shower. Everything must be fixable because they also produce a lot of bad odor.

– Oxide stains

It is related to the appearance of the previous stain, but they are enhanced if there is a metallic element in the bathroom. When in direct contact with water, corrosion can form, which is very harmful. Also, the problem can be complicated if combined with mold.

– Soap stains

It may seem incredible that a cleaning product can cause undesirable stains on a surface. However, this kind of problem is widespread in tiles, and we are also going to fix it. We should not only take a shower but also be concerned with removing accumulated remains.

You must use homemade products

Homemade tricks will always be the best option on how to clean bathroom tiles wholly and professionally. They are substances that do not cause damage to the environment, and that does not cause harm to health. Besides, they are much cheaper and easily found in any store.

Of course, the results you get are beneficial, otherwise, we will not present our suggestions to you. We have always used these types of remedies to solve problems at home. Of course, here, you will learn how to clean bathroom tiles using homemade tricks.

Times to use chemicals

Now, it does not mean that the substances are entirely discarded. However, they should always be the last option because they are powerful. But if you have a severe mess problem, it is appropriate to resort to a specific chemical for the tiles.

If you decide to use some of these cleaners, you must put on protection. Rubber gloves are necessary to protect the hands, and a mask is ideal for protecting your face. Of course, altogether avoid the contact of these substances with your skin.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles With Vinegar

Everyone knows that cleaning with vinegar has numerous cleaning benefits, no matter the material. It is an essential product within the range of home hygiene tricks. Of course, it is instrumental in how to clean bathroom tiles wholly and professionally.

To start this cleaning job, you will need a spray bottle, water, and vinegar. It is quite simple, much more if you mix uniformly. Fill the spray bottle with both cleaning products, and we are ready to start working.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles with Baking Soda

If you are wondering how to clean bathroom tiles wholly and professionally, this is the best product. Baking soda is an excellent option that manages to remove dirt thoroughly. You should only mix the product with a little soap, preferably in liquid form.

You must apply the cleaning solution on the tiles you want to clean, in this case, all of them. Depending on the type of dirt that the surface has, you will use a certain amount. Of course, the more grime you find in the area, the more baking soda you should apply to the tiles.

It is also appropriate that you leave the cleaning product on for about half an hour. In this way, you will supply the best effects, obliterating dirt. Similarly, you should leave the same time of rest on the floor joints.

How to clean bathroom tiles and do maintenance:

You should not only learn how to clean bathroom tiles but also how to perform adequate maintenance. If you do this every day, you are not going to spend time on deep cleaning very often. Besides, you will prevent dirt and grime from accumulating seriously in the area.

For this reason, there are some pretty useful tips that we encourage you to apply right away. They are straightforward to apply and will not take much time or effort. However, they will allow you to keep everything flawless for much longer and without the need to use extreme tricks.

Good shower ventilation

It is an effortless job that does not require any effort, but sometimes it is forgotten. However, it has a direct impact that the tiles are always kept in good condition. After using the shower, you must ventilate the room.

Every time you leave, the humidity accumulates considerably, and you already know the problems that this causes. If you want to avoid mold, open the doors and windows, you do have the latter. You will notice immediate results after applying this maintenance trick.


This post on how to clean bathroom tiles is over, but you’ve learned it all. You met beneficial, practical, and fast tricks so that you can leave the surface impeccable. You are already an expert, so the time has come for you to apply all these suggestions to the letter.

You learned how to clean bathroom tiles using white vinegar, baking soda, and a specific product. You have also cleaned the floor joints, an area that is filled with a lot of grime. Finally, remember that you must perform constant maintenance for the best results.

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