How To Clean Fiberglass Shower Floor

How To Clean Fiberglass Shower Floor

How To Clean Fiberglass Shower Floor: A fiberglass shower is a replacement for traditional ceramic tiles but it is not as hard so it requires some special attention while cleaning. You can clean fiberglass shower floor relatively easier if you can maintain it following every use.

How To Clean Fiberglass Shower

The presence of moisture can cause problems by accumulating mineral deposits and soap on the floor of the shower. It can be a major reason for the shower floor to become dull and faded. You can clean your fiberglass shower floor following some easy tips.

How can you prevent the growth of mildew and soap?

You must prevent the growth of minute powdery and accumulation of soaps and the best way to do it is by wiping off the fiberglass shower floor with a clean towel and sponge every time you use the shower.

Improve ventilation system:

An airy environment can help you keep the floor dry. You can do it by using a fan or opening a window and you need to make sure that the floor of the shower should not remain wet for longer.

Use liquid laundry and soap instead of soap bar:

It is recommended to use liquid laundry than a soap bar because of the talc that soap bar contains and which can cause the accumulation of soap scum on the shower floor.

Use environment-friendly products for cleaning:

An excellent alternative to commercial products can be natural acidic products.

Using vinegar:

  • You can use vinegar to clean floor of fiberglass shower as it can be the simplest solution for cleaning.
  • You can spray some vinegar on the floor and leave it for 10-15 minutes then you can clean it with a towel or sponge and your floor will be clean if stains are not too challenging.

Use a combination of Baking soda and vinegar:

  • If vinegar spray is not working well on the shower floor you may need to use a paste of baking soda and vinegar to clean it.
  • The foamy liquid of sodium bicarbonate and vinegar can be applied using a sponge and deep stains can be removed by using paste and scrubbing them off with a soft toothbrush. Don’t use a stiff brush as it may form scratches on the floor.

How can you use detergent and bleach to clean the floor of fiberglass shower:

You should not apply household beach directly to the floor as it can be concentrated enough to damage the floor but you can use it by following some steps.

Using bleach with warm water:

  • You can use bleach by mixing it in warm water. It can be in proportion of a cup of detergent and household bleach to a bucket of warm water.
  • Bleach can help you remove challenging stains on the floor of the fiberglass shower.


  • You should keep the environment airy and may be required to use a respirator mask to avoid breathing fumes of bleach.

Usage of a mixture of bleach and water:

  • You can apply this mixture on the floor and clean it. Once properly cleaned you can rinse the floor off and dry the floor.

Shampoos and another liquid laundry:

You can also use liquid laundry fluids or shampoo for cleaning. These fluids can be quite efficient to clean stains of the fiberglass shower floor.

You can also use polish to give a sparkling look:

  • If you are worried that the floor of your fiberglass shower is faded then there is a solution for that.
  • You can start by applying some polish to the floor.
  • The better way to apply is by using a gentle circular motion. It can give you a clean and sparkling finish.
  • You can also apply a coat of wax once you are finished with the cleaning.
  • The purpose of using wax is to protect the surface of the floor. You can use car wax or floor wax for this purpose.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide and oxalic acid to remove tough stains:

Yes, you can use hydrogen peroxide and oxalic acid to remove stains by following simple steps.

Hydrogen peroxide:

You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean the floor of the fiberglass shower.

Put layers of cloth on the stain:

You need to put layers of cloth over the stain in order to be able to apply hydrogen peroxide.

Saturate the cloth with Hydrogen peroxide:

Then you should completely saturate the cloth with hydrogen peroxide and leave the cloth on the stains for 10-12 hours. After this, you should wash the floor and dry it properly.

Using Oxalic acid to clean floor of fiberglass shower:

You can also use Oxalic acid for tough stains. You can prepare oxalic acid by following some steps. You can prepare oxalic acid by using water and acid in an 8 to 1 ratio.


  • You can apply oxalic acid to the stains and wait for some time usually 15 minutes.
  • Then after the removal of stains, you can wash the floor with water.


Oxalic acid can be harmful so you will need protection. You will be required to wear gloves and also some eye protection.

You should never combine commercial products for cleaning:

  • You can use commercial products for cleaning but try to use a minimum of them as possible.
  • You should never mix commercial products because they are made up of different chemicals and can react badly which can be bad for the surface of a fiberglass shower.
  • The combination of different commercial products can result in toxic or explosive materials so you should never try that.

You can also use truck degreaser:

  • The material of fiberglass can be quite similar to that of modern cars and bathroom stains can be oily most of the time so it can make sense to use a degreaser that can remove that.
  • It can work well and instantly gives results and the floor of your fiberglass shower can be spotless in minutes.

Final Thoughts:

A fiberglass shower floor can be cleaned and maintained easily. You can clean it using some home remedies and commercial products and keep it sparkling. You should never forget to take care of yourself while using some of the chemical products.

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