How To Clean Fiberglass Shower

How To Clean Fiberglass Shower

How To Clean Fiberglass Shower: A fiberglass shower one of the modern accessories of a washroom. The desire to give a beautiful look to the washroom has increased its significance. You would like to maintain a sparkling white surface that a shower glass comes with.

How To Clean Fiberglass Shower

Fiberglass showers are known for their sparkling beauty but it can be hard to maintain them as over a period of time minerals deposition and soap can make them dull. This is something you do not really want as it can destroy the beautiful sparkling effect of shower glass.

Why abrasive cleaners should not be used for fiberglass showers?

  • Abrasive cleaners can physically scratch off any dirt and tarnish as you rub a surface.
  • They can be made of materials like sandpaper, steel wool, and scrubbing pads and you should never use them for fiberglass cleaning as they can degrade it and may result in staining and losing color of fiberglass.
  • Fiberglass is not as hard as ceramic tile so you need to take care while cleaning and scrubbing.
  • You can prefer non-abrasive cleaners and liquid laundry detergents for cleaning.

How to clean fiberglass shower:

You are not required to use hard abrasive cleaners for fiberglass showers instead you can rely on safer methods that can be effective and do not require the use of damaging chemicals and abrasives. You can easily disinfect and deodorize your fiberglass shower using some natural techniques.

How often you are required to clean your fiberglass shower?

  • You will always want your fiberglass shower to sparkle and maintenance is an important factor for that. Your fiberglass shower should undergo proper maintenance and cleaning every 2-3 weeks but you should keep it clean following every use to prevent the deposition of soap and minerals.
  • Cleaning your fiberglass shower can be much easier than you think. You can just quickly rinse it. You should use a non-abrasive and soft towel to wipe down your fiberglass shower.

Squeegeeing your fiberglass shower:

Squeegeeing can also be a good option for fiberglass as it can remove water left on shower doors and walls and it can also remove away any fluid that can form soap deposition later.

Using a fan to dry the fiberglass shower:

  • You can use a fan to circulate air which can help to dry out your fiberglass shower.

Spray using white vinegar:

White vinegar is a natural disinfectant that can be useful. You can use this to spray 2 times a week in order to disinfect and deodorize. This can save your time which may be required to clean soap stains in the future.

Using vinegar with baking soda:

  • Now you know that vinegar can a very good natural disinfector and at the same time it is a good natural cleaner.
  • You can use vinegar and baking soda which is also known as sodium bicarbonate together which is a useful formula to clean fiberglass shower.

How to use baking soda with vinegar:

  • You can use baking soda with vinegar which is a good natural solution for the cleaning fiberglass surface.
  • You can sprinkle sodium bicarbonate over the surface of your fiberglass then you are looking to form a paste with vinegar so you can spray white vinegar over baking soda so that it can form a paste.
  • Now you need a non-abrasive sponge or towel to gently scrub the fiberglass tub and floor of the shower.
  • You should use some rubber gloves for safety while working with vinegar.
  • Now try to clean all the stains that can be there due to soap or mineral deposition with the paste.
  • When you feel that fiberglass is completely clean you can remove the paste with water.
  • You can also use white vinegar to clean all the shower accessories.

What if spots do not go away?

  • If your spots do not go away after this you need to do some more effort.
  • Now you should not sprinkle to form a paste but you need a proper solution for that.
  • Now you cannot rinse and scrub your paste right away. You should wait for an hour before scrubbing and cleaning the paste.

Adding a few drops of soap or hydrogen peroxide:

If you are not satisfied with the results and stains are challenging then you can add a few drops of soap and hydrogen peroxide to remove stains. It can help to remove many of the stains but if stains are too bad then they may need further treatment.

Use Borax and Lemon to remove stains:

Borax and lemon is a stronger combination which can help to remove stubborn stains. It can help you to remove most of the stains even older ones.

Use commercial product for cleaning:

  • Most of the stains can be removed using a combination of baking soda and vinegar or Borax and lemon but if stains are too stubborn and they are not going away then you may be required to use some commercial products.
  • Use commercial products only when they are required and only those which are suggested by the manufacturer.

The disadvantage of commercial products:

Many of the commercial products can be too strong for cleaning fiberglass surfaces as they can cause scratches and other damage to fine fiberglass.

What do you need to take care of to avoid stains?

  • You should not leave any products on the floor of the shower.
  • If you leave shampoo and other stuff on the floor it can form ugly rings which can be hard to remove.
  • Find a proper place to keep shampoo, soaps, and other commercial products.
  • You should remove bath toys from the bathtubs as they produce a lot of bacteria.
  • You should clean bath toys with a combination of warm water and vinegar.

Final Thoughts:

A fiberglass shower can be kept clean using some easy natural products. You should maintain and take care of fiberglass shower after bath as it can be much easier to do so rather than trying to remove challenging stains later. Avoid the use of commercial products as much as possible as they may cause stains and decolonize the fiberglass shower.

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