How To Clean Shower Tile

How To Clean Shower Tile

How To Clean Shower Tile: Cleaning the tiles and their joints is not an easy thing. And it is, not because the operation involves a particular difficulty, but because it requires a good dose of time and another one of patience that, sometimes, is not easy to gather.

How To Clean Shower Tile

However, if you see that what was once white has been approaching black for a long time, it will be time to act since it is most likely that fungi have proliferated among your tiles. But what methods exist to ensure thorough cleaning?

We will tell you about it, and we will give you some tricks so that the cleaning of the tile joints is useful and sustainable. So, let’s start:

Joint cleaning with steam or manual

Is it time to give a good look at the shower tiles? In this case, the first decision to be made likely is how to do it: using a steam cleaner or the classic method?

Whoever has a steamer is likely to lean on this method, which is quite sufficient for disinfection. In its absence, you can always opt for a brush or sponge. This option will require time and effort, although its effectiveness will also be high.

Products to disinfect tiles

The next question to solve will be what products to use to guarantee the cleanliness of the tiles and their joints in the shower. And at this point, the options are varied. Before exposing them, take into account the type of material used to fix the tiles.

As a general rule, if this is white, practically any product can be used. On the contrary, if your original shade was more creamy, grayish, or of any other color, it is advisable to avoid cleaners with whitening effect, whether homemade or commercial.

If you opt for commercial cleaning products, on any surface, you will find a multitude of options to appease the dirt from the joints. If you opt for sustainable and homemade alternatives, there are many solutions from which to choose. These include the following:

– Vinegar diluted in water.

If white vinegar and water are mixed in equal parts, a perfect product obtained to disinfect the tiles due to their high properties to eliminate mold. It will only be necessary to pour this solution between the joints and let it act for a minimum of five minutes.

– Peroxide.

This option will be suitable for white joints that will recover that color, in addition to being disinfected by the effect of this product. You can apply the liquid hydrogen peroxide on the joints and keep it for several minutes, before removing the product.

 – Use Oxygen Bleach:

Oxygen bleach operates for heavy shower stains, but they’re better for cleaning filthy grout. Brands create the item in powdered type, although this is not a common household thing.

Insert around three tablespoons of the bleach into a bucket of water and mix it for approximately 30 seconds. Stir your sponge or piece of fabric into the solution land, then wipe it on the shower tiles until they are still soaked wipe together the lines.

Depart it sit for around 15 minutes and then rinse it with clean water. You have one more movement. If it still observes any stains or dirt from the grout after this technique, do not worry.

Till it forms a paste, Combine the oxygen bleach using minimal water and apply it onto the grout with a grout brush along with a toothbrush.

If you have a toothbrush, then make sure it’s a very hardy individual; usually do not utilize older and weak toothbrushes. Glue across the grout until it’s gone. Don’t forget to wash and aerate your shower.

 – Apply Chlorine Bleach:

In acute instances of terribly messy grout, employ chlorine bleach or cleansing services and products comprising chlorine bleach to wash the grout out.

It is only your last resource solution because it may induce any damage to the fabric, which is a strong odor. The advantage of making use of chlorine bleach may be that it divides your bathtub.

Put on the bleach with the grout permit it to sit for about 10 minutes. Scrub the bathtub tiles to eliminate any compound leftovers. Before employing the chlorine bleach, wash any vinegar off residue since it reacts with all the bleach.

 – Baking soda and water:

This solution, which can be reinforced able with several drops of ecological detergent, is also recommended for white joints. To clean them with this system, you will have to spread on them a paste created with bicarbonate and warm water. Once it works for a few minutes, the putty will be removable with a brush or sponge.

– Whiten the tile joints.and prints on reflective or gleaming surfaces.

– Dilute approximately 28 g of soda in 4 glasses of water.

If, in addition to cleaning, the joints are intended to be whiter, only the last two home solutions will have to be useable. It will give results and avoid exposure of those who apply them to potentially toxic products. In any case, it is essential not to apply any industrial bleach without making sure first to remove any traces of dirt, bacteria, and fungi, which are very common on shower tiles.

Clean tile showers with Cleaning Products


– When in doubt, always do a small test on the stain first.

– When cleaning tough dirt, pre-wet the surface. This will help it to penetrate the dirt and make cleaning easier.

– Apply the cleaning product solution. Let the product soak for a minute or so for dirt and grease stains to dissipate.

– Rub if necessary. Rubbing with a soft brush or a non-abrasive cloth provides agitation. It will help remove dirt and ensure absolute cleanliness and a residue-free surface.

– For reflective surfaces, glossy finishes, and polished glass and metal, this final step will leave an unmarked surface and sparkling cleanliness.


Cleaning is always a valuable asset. If you don’t clean your shower tiles regularly, then you may have to change it anytime. So, it is better to clean it regularly. Therefore, this guide can help you to find the way on How to Clean Shower Tile accurately. Do follow the instructions as explained and make the most of it.

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