How To Clean The Espresso Machine

How To Clean The Espresso Machine

How To Clean The Espresso Machine: To make espresso is an art form and to make the best espressos, you must learn how to clean the espresso machine. In order to keep the machine clean and tidy, you will need to stick to daily habits as well as weekly and monthly maintenance. You also must know what cleaning products to clean the espresso machine with; Otherwise, the longevity and the results of the machine will be diminished. Whether you’re a coffee lover who has an espresso machine at home, or you own a cafe, keeping regular maintenance of the espresso machine is necessary.

How To Clean The Espresso Machine

The first step to cleaning the espresso machine is backflushing. Backflushing cleans the inside of your machine, making it debris free. The next step would involve brushing the ground head and the outside of the espresso machine. You must clean the basket and the showerhead regularly to remove oils and old grounds. You also have to wipe off any dirt accumulated on the top and around the machine. After cleaning the inside and the outside of the espresso machine, focus on the milk tank and the steam wand. Wipe off any milk left on the tip of the wand after every usage.

Backflush the espresso machine

For the best results, it is of the utmost importance to clean the inside of your machine. To do so, insert the blind filter that stops the water from running through the portafilter. After that, turn on the water flow as you would if you were making an espresso. Let the water run for a couple of seconds and let it sit in the tray for an additional 15 to 20 seconds. Fill the portafilter with a cleaning product and repeat the process a couple of times. You will learn what the best cleaning products for an espresso machine are a bit later. Make sure that the cleaning product has been thoroughly washed out of the machine with any oils, grounds and debris.

Brush the ground head

Remove the basket, in which ground coffee sits, from the portafilter. From there, put the basket underwater and scrub, you can use the hot water from the espresso machine. Make sure that there aren’t any ground beans stuck in the basket.

Take a brush and put it to a showerhead, removing any leftover ground beans and oils. Be thorough while cleaning the shower head, stuck ground beans can make the espresso machine produce unnecessary bitter espressos.

Clean the steam wand

For preventative maintenance, it’s recommended to wipe off the milk from the tip of the steam wand after every use. Make sure to clean the inside of the steam wand tip. Milk can get stuck there, which will be much more challenging to clean off later.

Keep the espresso machine clean from any dirt and debris that fall on top and the outside of the machine. This is an essential step and it should be done regularly.

How often should I clean the espresso machine?

You now know how to keep the espresso machine clean, but you don’t want to overdo it either. To clean the espresso machine, you need to do daily, weekly and monthly maintenance as well as perform a few regular check-ups.

Daily maintenance

  • Clean the group head before each use to remove old ground.
  • Purge the steam wand and wipe down the tip with a cloth after every use.
  • Clean the portafilters, the basket, and the tray at the end of the day.
  • Regularly replace the cloth designated for espresso machine cleaning.

Monthly maintenance

To clean the espresso machine and keep the taste of the espresso perfect, you must replace parts monthly. Changing the shower screens as well as the portafilter baskets can prevent leaks. Besides, you can’t always clean the baskets thoroughly; There will always be old ground stuck somewhere and that is why you must replace them monthly.

Whether your espresso machine comes with a reservoir or a direct water source, you must keep either one debris free. Take the machine to your manufacturer every couple of months and they will clean the water source and the boiler of your espresso machine.

Annual Maintenance

You must replace a few parts of the espresso machine annually to keep it clean. Not only will doing this increase the lifespan of the espresso machine, but it will make your espresso taste exceptional.

  • Replace the expansion valve and the anti-suction valve.
  • Replace the steam valve as well as the hot water valve.
  • Replace the basket and the portafilter itself if you deem necessary.

The best cleaning products for the espresso machine

To keep the longevity of the espresso machine, you must use the correct product. Contact the manufacturer of your machine and consult with them on which product you should use to clean the espresso machine. Cleaning the espresso machine with the wrong product can only cause damage to it. Keep in mind that the best cleaning product is water. If you consistently maintain the machine, no other product will be necessary.

The most common cleaning product for the espresso machine would be the mix between vinegar and water. You can use citric acid as well as any commercial descaling products.

Whichever product you opt to go with, it is of the utmost importance to rinse the espresso machine thoroughly. After all, nobody wants an espresso spoiled with vinegar or descaling products.

If you’ve chosen to go with a homemade solution, it’s time to mix the products. Put the citric acid powder into water and mix them up and if you’re using vinegar, dilute it in water.

Keep the espresso machine clean

Cleaning your espresso machine regularly can only benefit you. A clean machine only means better tasting espresso and a happy customer. And replacing the necessary parts on a monthly and yearly basis saves you money in the long run.

Once you are done cleaning, it is time to get a taste of the astonishing coffee called espresso. If you’ve done everything correctly, the espresso will taste like a little piece of heaven.

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