How To Clean Tile Floors

How To Clean Tile Floors: Clean tile floors regularly are important to keep them stay away from getting dull and colorless. Ceramic tiles get dirt and debris easily, keep them clean is an essential way to see the tiles always like new.

How To Clean Tile Floors

Tiles are also common flooring for most kitchens and washrooms. To see them always like new and keep them looking best, we have to freedom from getting grim. The kitchen and washroom floors won’t look clean until we scrub the floor in a week.

Let’s see some valuable cleaning processes for sparkling the tiles floors: –

Wipe the floor daily:

Wipe or vacuum the floor daily can make the tiles floor sparkling. It also helps to remove dirt like food crumbs and other types of debris. Wipe the floor makes the dirty area wet then it is started to remove all grime from those areas.

This is also good for mopping the floor before wipe or vacuum the tiles floor. Use dry cloth duster when the floor gets started to dry after wiped the floor.

But if you want to clean your tiles floor heavily then you can also use vinegar with a gallon of water. A mix of half a cup of vinegar with a gallon of water is enough to clean heavy dirt on the floor. After using vinegar if you don’t like the way it cleans, if you want more than this, then you can again wipe the floor with fresh water and some detergents.

Use hot water soap or vinegar to wipe the floor:

When the floor contains too many stains and needs heavy cleaning at that time it’s useful to wipe the floor by hot water. It helps to remove heavy dirt from the tiles floor.

Cleanse the mop in the hot water before selecting the floor to clean and keep continuously cleansing it until you finish wiping. It’s also effective to use dish soap into the hot water, it helps more to clean every dust and debris. To make the tiles floor looks everyday sparkling, we can run a clean dusting cloth over the floor every day.

Rinse the floor with vinegar in hot water can effective way to remove all the residual dirt’s from the floor. But be careful not to use vinegar for chemicals on marble tiles flooring. Using vinegar or chemicals on marble flooring can cause so much bad effect on the floor.

Use bleaching to remove stains:

If the toilet or kitchen floor gets too dull and dirty then maybe you can use bleaching solution for this. You can mix 75 /25 solution beach with plain water to clean the tiles floor. Be careful don’t use the bleach on grout colored, because it removes the coloring. If you want to clean the grout then you can use a toothbrush or the age of sponge.

After using the bleach solution rinse the floor with hot water to remove all the traces of blech. Also, be careful when using the bleach solution, use a pair of gloves to protect your hand must. Because bleach is not very suitable for skins. If you don’t like to use bleach at all then maybe you can apply some natural cleaning products or other ingredients to make the floor shiny.

Use baking soda to remove stains:

Using baking soda to keep clean the tiles floor is also a very effective way. Cleaning the grout is very useful with baking soda. It makes the grout clean very quickly, easily, and faster.

Mix baking soda and water and make a paste of them then applied it on the tiles grout with a toothbrush. Well cleaning the grout using a toothbrush is a very quick way to remove all the dirt from the grout position.

Scrub the paste more in the grout position to make it dirt less and colorless. When you’re finished scrapping with the best of baking soda than just wash that place with warm water. Then definitely there can be seen a good result than before. One more important thing is to put the baking soda paste on the grout for a few minutes before getting started the scrubbing. This process can effectively remove all the dirt from the tiles grout place.


Tiles cleaning is not very hard work if we clean it regularly. By cleaning tiles regularly, it won’t get too dirty, so then we can make it sparkling easily. There are many processes we can apply to clean our kitchen tiles or washroom tiles. Cleaning is also depending on the level of dirt. If the dirt is not too much then we can easily clean it by using some quick processes or if the level of dirt is heavy then we take some steps of the above formula


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