How To Clean Vinyl Siding Without Killing Plants

How To Clean Vinyl Siding Without Killing Plants: Siding also is known as wall cladding is used on the exterior side of a building or a house. It works as a protective material and together with the roof it is the first line of defense against sunlight, heat, snow, and cold.

How To Clean Vinyl Siding Without Killing Plants


Vinyl siding is a plastic exterior that is used for waterproofing and decoration of small houses and apartments. Nowadays it is used in place of aluminum and fiber cement siding. It was first introduced in the market back in 1950 by a manufacturer plant named Crane Plastics situated in Ohio. This product is manufactured through polyvinyl chloride also knows as PVC.

Today this product is produced through the process of co-extrusion. A vinyl siding mainly consists of PVC resin that covers 80 percent of its weight. Remaining materials that are 20 percent of its total weight provide opacity, color, durability, and resistance. As compared to other cladding, vinyl siding takes more time to fade away if exposed to the sunlight directly. Due to the development of modern technology now producers of this product offer a warranty of 50 years. It is commonly used in the USA and Canada.

Normally we ignore most of our household work due to a lack of knowledge. Due to this lack of knowledge and difficulty of process people try to avoid cleaning vinyl siding. Still, we cannot ignore this issue and one way or another we will have to finish this task in hand.


There are products available in the market that can help you to clean vinyl siding easily. But we will not recommend those products to you. Those products available in the market that are used to clean vinyl siding include strong chemicals. These chemicals can harm the surrounding environment. During the cleaning process, there is a big chance that those chemicals contaminate your water supplies and harm your plants. There is a danger that these chemicals might cause illness to people too.

All of us are equally responsible to keep the environment around us. This responsibility forces us to not use any product which has chemicals that can harm nature. Vinyl siding adds value to your homes and cleaning them is very important. It is only wise to use naturally made cleanser so that you can clean vinyl siding without harming your plants. In this guide, we will give you natural ways to clean the vinyl siding of your homes without harming your plants or contaminating your water. It is important that you go through these points in detail.

Vinyl siding should be washed once a year. Instead of using pressure washing choose soft cloth or brush. The brush must be long-handled. Start your cleaning process from the bottom of the house and then move upwards.


There are some products available in the market that is not harmful to the environment. You can choose any of them in this regard.

  • If used as directed Clorox Outdoor Beach product will not harm your plants during the cleaning of vinyl siding
  • Another product which is safe to use around pets, plants, and people is Scotts Outdoor Cleaner
  • There is a product in the market named Simple Green that is not harmful in any way during the process of cleaning vinyl siding.


There are some homemade products that are very useful in the process of cleaning.

  • If the siding is not blackened then simple use of the garden hose with spray nozzle would be enough.
  • If the white siding is looking green then mix detergent, bleach, and water. It is very powerful against vinyl siding.
  • Mixing and using vinegar and water is the best solution available. It is completely safe for the environment and produces the best results too. This method is also useful in removing mold and mildew. This process is time-consuming due to its preparation time. You will need the following products. Scrub brush large and small, water, white vinegar, baking soda, gloves, ladder bucket, and plastic container. This process is completely non-toxic and it will not harm your plants. It can kill germs and bacteria too. It is also safe to keep around family members. If a small child drinks this product the worst thing that could happen is a tummy ache.


At the end of this article, we can easily conclude that vinegar mixing with water is the best solution for cleaning vinyl siding and at the same time not harming your plants and environment.


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