How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades: A lawn mower may get dull over a period of time. A good lawn mower with sharp blades can save your time. You may be required to sharpen the blades after some period of time. A sharp blade can give you clean cutting and better growth of grass.

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

How often is it required to sharpen the blades of a lawn mower:

  • The blades of a lawn mower may be required to sharpen after some time. It also depends on the use of blades. You may be required to sharpen the blades of the mower after 30 hours of use at maximum so you would require doing sharpening twice a year.
  • For other blades like commercial landscapers that have extensive use, they may be required to sharpen every week.

How would you know that blades need sharpening?

  • One of the most obvious sign is that the performance of the blades declines.
  • You should also inspect the blades of lawn mower every time you use them for mowing.
  • The tips of the blades will usually get thicker which would be an indication that the blades need some attention.

Disadvantages of dull blades of lawn mower:

  • Dull blades of a lawn mover can cause issues;
  • A dull blade mower can cause discoloration of lawn which is a fungal disease due to the non-availability of enough nutrients to the grass.
  • Dull blades can pull up some grass which results in uneven cutting.
  • It can also result in different plant diseases and the death of plants.

Methods to sharpen the blades of a lawn mover:

  • There could be more than one way to sharpen the blades of a lawn mower which may include using a bench grinder or an angle grinder but you can choose the simplest and easiest of all the methods by using a drill and stone.
  • This method can easily sharpen the blades and improve the performance of dull blades.

Are you required to move blades to sharpen them?

  • The removal of blades from the lawn mower depends on the design of particular equipment.
  • You can do the task both ways either by removing the blades or not but it is always better to remove them in order to get better access to all the angles and edges.

You can follow some steps to sharpen the blades.

Cut the power supply:

  • The first step to sharpen the blades is to cut off any power supply.
  • Removing the power sources can be different for different designs.
  • You should open the connection of the ignition wire and spark plug.
  • If your lawn mower is based on the battery you would be required to remove it.
  • Also, you should clear the gas tank before starting the task.

How to remove the blades of mower:

  • After cutting the power supply now you can remove the blades of the mower by following simple steps:
  • As you would want to open the nuts that keep blades in position. You can tip the mower to reach those nuts.
  • You would require a wrench according to the size of nut bolts to loosen the nuts.

Clean the mower:

  • After removing the blades then you should clean the mower. You can do this by using a small knife.
  • You should scrap it to remove all the mud, grass, and other materials.
  • You can also apply some oil and then scrub it to make it ready for sharpening.

Fixing the blades to sharpen the cutting edges:

  • Once the blades are removed and clean then it’s time to fix them in a holder to sharpen them.
  • The blades of a lawn mower will usually have a cutting edge which is much shorter than the rest of the blade.
  • You should fix the blade in a holder by placing it such that its cutting edge faces upwards

Using drill and stone to sharpen the blades:

  • You should use a drill-powered sharpener to do the task.
  • The machine has a stone that is designed to sharpen the edges of the blades.
  • You can turn on the machine and operate it at full speed.
  • Now you can move the sharpener over the blade to sharpen the edge.
  • You can move it back and forth a few times. After that, you should check the sharpness of the blades. If the blade is according to your requirement then you can remove it.
  • Rotate the blade to sharpen another side as well.

At what angle should you sharpen the blades:

  • The angle at which a blade can sharpen best can vary from blade to blade. But the recommended angle most of the time is 30 degrees.

Balancing the blade:

  • Once you are satisfied with the sharpening of blades then another important step that is to be followed.
  • Often sharpening of blades may result in the unbalancing of metal on both sides of the blade which can be extremely harmful to the motor as it can cause wobbling.
  • You can simply determine whether two ends of the blade are properly balanced or not by using a small test.
  • You would require a nail extending from the wall and you can slip the blade over it. As the center hole of the blade is balanced you can easily know whether the blade is balanced or not.
  • If it is not balanced you should sharpen the heavier side to balance it and then you need to check it again.

Reassemble the blades:

  • You can now reassemble the blade when you are done with the process. You can place it onto the mower and tight holding nuts.
  • You can use a wrench to tight nuts or bolt.
  • Once you are done with the blade then you can place the battery back to its position.
  • You can check the result of sharpening the blade by using it on some grass.

Final Thoughts:

A lawn mower can make the grass of your lawn look beautiful. It requires a sharpening of blades twice a year. You can sharpen the blades by following some important instructions and easy steps. A sharpened blade can prevent your grass from diseases and water and nutrition will be distributed equally to sustain good growth.

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