How To Start A Gas Pressure Washer

How To Start A Gas Pressure Washer: On a warm spring morning just after winters, during an inspection of your residence, you realize that winter has a drastic effect on your car, deck, windows, siding, and driveway. Instead of worrying you can use your gas pressure washer and sort out this problem.

For heavy-duty cleaning tasks, gas pressure washers offer effective water pressure. Gas power washers are beneficial for both residential and commercial applications. There are electric pressure washers available in the market too. They are effective for small and light-duty tasks only. For difficult and heavy tasks had powered washers are the best.


  • The gas pressure washer has a Cleaning Unit (CU) Measurement ranging from 5000-16000. CU measurement gives an idea of the performance and efficiency of a pressure washer.
  • This washer has a Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) from 2000-4900. PSI is the measure of the pressure of a washer.
  • It has a Gasoline Per Minute (GPM) from 1.0-4.0. GPM is a measure of the volume of water pumping out of the washer per minute. It is the most important indicator when you are buying a pressure washer.
  • Due to light applications, an electric washer is cheaper than a gas pressure washer. But buying a costly gas washer will provide better results.
  • Gas pressure washers are durable. Due to its replaceable components and designed metal pumps, its repair and maintenance is easy. With proper care, it can stay with you for years.
  • These washers do not require any cords to the extension. They can be used anywhere easily. There is no risk of electric shock too.


These are the steps necessary to start your washer:

  • Start with checking the oil of your pressure washer. The oil should be clean and at the right level. You should turn the fuel valve off and then add oil to it.
  • Position your washer on a flat surface. Make sure the engine is level. Discard dipstick, wipe it clean and reinsert. Check the oil level. The oil level should be at or above the indication line.
  • Check if your oil is a translucent yellow color. The oil is in need of changing if its color is dark and black. Change the oil by using SAW30.
  • Check and make sure a high-pressure hose is clasped to pump and trigger the handle of the washer safely. It should be straightened to avoid any irregularities.
  • Attach your garden hose to pump the pressure washer.
  • After attaching turn your water fixture on all the way. Check your garden hose for any leaks or twinges. Make sure to remove any leaks and twinges before you start.
  • Now squeeze the trigger to alleviate air tension. Keep holding the trigger to get a steady stream of water.
  • Now add fuel to the engine. Using ethanol could be damaging to your engine. Always choose ethanol-free fuel. It should not be above E10. Make sure fuel is not mixed with oil. Put fuel until it’s full using a funnel. Add fuel stabilizer too whenever you add fuel.
  • After finding the on\off switch, turn on the fuel valve.
  • Find the choke switch and set it to start position.
  • In order to start, grab the starter grip on the top of the unit.
  • Keep the engine of your pressure washer running for various seconds. After this step place the choke to the off position.

The pressure washer should start easily now. If it does not start then follow these steps.

  • If pulling the rope is getting difficult then to release pressure in the pump squeeze the trigger.
  • Check your fuel levels again and make sure the on\off switch and fuel valve are in the right position.

Our guide to starting your gas-powered pressure washer ends here. This complete chart will help you to sort out any issues you are facing respecting your gas washer. If your washer does not start even after following all these steps then contact a professional to find out the problem. If your washer needs replacement then do not compromise quality over cost. Always choose gas-powered pressure washers due to their quality, long life, easy usability, and low maintenance and running costs.


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