How to String a Weed Wacker

A weed wacker is a useful tool for yard work. If you regularly work in your yard then this tool is helpful for you. To use a weed wacker you need to know how to string a weed wacker. To string a weed wacker is a pretty difficult task. There are some steps in the process of stringing the weed wacker. If you do not know about the steps properly, you may damage your weed wacker. So you need a proper guideline to string your weed wacker. We are here to assist you to string your weed wacker properly.

How to String a Weed Wacker

Identify the String Number:

There are many brands of weed wacker. Some popular brands are Echo, Homelite, Troy Built, Ryobi and Husqvarna. The changing of the string of various brands is the same. Some models of weed wacker have one string while some of the models have two strings. At first, you have to know whether your model has one string or two strings. You can check it by opening the string from your weed wacker. You may also get such information from your user manual. You get the user manual with your product.

Read the User Manual Carefully:

The user manual contains important information about your product. To know the pros and cons of your weed wacker you may rely on the user manual of your model. If you are a new user of a weed wacker, reading the user manual is mandatory for you. From the user manual, you will learn which size of the string is appropriate for your model. You may also learn from where you can collect the string for your model.

Select the String of Exact Size:

Different models of weed wacker require strings of different sizes. If you use the wrong size of string it can damage your weed wacker. So be aware of the size of the string for your weed wacker. The most popular sizes of the string are .080 and .095. These are the size of strings of gas-powered models. The size of the string of electric weed wacker is .065. Select the exact size string according to the model of your weed wacker. From the user manual, you will get the appropriate size for your model.

Open the Spool:

To string your weed wacker you need to release the spool first. On some models, you need to separate the head part of your weed wacker. If you are a user of such a model, remove the head of your trimmer. You’ll find the head part is attached to your trimmer with some nuts. You need to open those nuts. Keep the nuts in a safe place.

For some models, you do not need to open the head part. In these models, you will find the space to push. To release the spool of your weed wacker, you need to push in the tabs. It is a simple process. You can easily release the spool if you have this kind of model.

Get the Appropriate size of String: 

After opening the spool of your weed wacker, you need to cut the proper size of the string. The size depends on the model of your weed wacker. Get the new string and cut it according to the proper size of your model. The length of the string is between 15 to 25 feet. If your weed wacker uses one string then you need to cut only one string. If it contains two strings at the same time then you will need two strings. In this case, you have to cut these two strings in the same size. Make sure the size of these two strings is equal. If the size is not the same you will face a problem later.

Restring the spool:

You have to restring the spool of your weed wacker. In the spool, you’ll find two small holes. At the center of the spool, you’ll get the holes. To restring your spool, you need to place the two forefronts of your strings into the two small holes. Push the nozzle of the string into the small holes. You need to be careful during pushing the nozzles. If your weed wacker has one string then you’ll find only one hole in your spool.

Spire the String:

After placing the string into the hole, you have to spire the string properly. This is an easy process. You’ll get the direction mark on your spool. The arrow mark will direct you. Following the direction wind your sting properly. If your model contains two strings whole then you will spire two strings. If it contains only one string hole then you need to wind only one. You need to spire the string from side to side. Overlap the string and make the second layer. If you have two strings then try to wind these at the same time. Wind the string carefully layer by layer. Otherwise, the string will tangle.

Replace the Spool:

When you finish the winding, you have to place the string into the notch. You’ll find the two notches at the edge of your spool. If your weed wacker has two strings then you have to place your strings into two different notches. If it contains one string then you have to fix one string into the notch. After placing the string into the notch hole you have to replace the spool with the hub.

Fix the Head:

If you have separated the head part from your trimmer, then you have to fix it properly. Collect the nuts that you have previously kept in a safe place. Then screw the nuts properly. Attach the head part with the body part of your weed wacker.

Final Thoughts:

A weed wacker is very useful to manage a clean and prim garden. To string the weed wacker is an important part to maintain and use your trimmer. If you do not know the process of stringing your trimmer then it would be difficult for you to fix the string. Without the proper knowledge, you can damage your weed wacker. If you do not know how to string the weed wacker the above-mentioned procedures will assist you.


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