What Kind Of Camera Should I Buy

What Kind Of Camera Should I Buy: Whether you’re a novice, an expert, or a professional photographer, it’s never easy to decide what kind of camera you should buy. There are way too many brands and types of cameras today; without a few pointers in the right direction, it would be impossible to choose a camera that suits you best. Not to worry, we will break down everything you need to know and list the types of cameras you can buy.

What Kind Of Camera Should I Buy In 

When a novice photographer talks about buying the right kind of camera, the first thing that comes to his mind is the megapixel count. However, there are quite a few things just as crucial as megapixel count; For example, the physical size of the sensor or frames per second a camera can capture. Of course, high-resolution cameras have their place. They can capture such incredible details that not even an eye can see. Although megapixels should not be the only factor when deciding what kind of camera you should buy.

Camera type that’s right for you

Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR):

A DSLR camera is beloved among novice photographers as well as enthusiasts, with that said, professional photographers are no strangers to DSLR cameras. A lot of professionals buy this kind of camera because they enjoy the optical viewfinder that a DSLR can offer, they do not experience any lag and the battery has a long-lasting life.

Although DSLR is a great camera to buy, its most significant disadvantage is the bulkiness; they are heavy and they do not fit into the pocket. Therefore, a DSLR camera is often overlooked.

Point and Shoot (P&S):

When deciding what kind of camera we should buy, P&S cameras should definitely be given a chance. As they range from the most basic, easy to use, affordable cameras to the more advanced models with large sensors and very long zoom. The only thing that doesn’t change on point and shoot cameras is their non-removable lens.

As the technology rises and the cameras put into our phones get better every year, the interest in the most basic point and shoot camera has drastically faded. Ever since then, manufacturers have shifted their focus into creating more advanced P&S cameras. Therefore we should definitely be looking to buy a more advanced P&S camera, preferably one with a bigger sensor.

Mirrorless Camera:

Mirrorless cameras can definitely be looked at as a balance between point and shoot cameras and DSLR. Mirrorless cameras offer better image quality than P&S cameras and they are not as bulky as DSLR. With that said, even the most basic mirrorless camera is costly and it’s usually more suited for advanced photographers. As the name suggests, mirrorless cameras do not have a mirror of a DSLR camera and neither do they have the optical viewfinder.

Specifics you should know before buying a camera

Stable imagery makes for a clear photograph of a moving element and it helps a lot with a shaky hand. You should definitely be looking to buy a camera with good image stabilization if that is something that’s holding you back.

The viewfinder is found a bit less in cameras as LCD screens are becoming more and more common, but that does not mean they are better. Many photography enthusiasts choose viewfinder since it has a lot of advantages. Before choosing the right kind of camera for you, you also need to understand that optical viewfinders found on DSLR cameras offer a very clear image as electronic viewfinders hold their own benefits.

Speed and performance are usually found in interchangeable lens cameras; They focus faster and taking pictures of moving elements with them doesn’t make the photo blurry.

There are many factors you need to consider while looking for a camera you should buy. Between the type of cameras, their features, and your budget it’s not easy to figure out what kind of camera suits you best. It’s especially hard to decide if you’re a beginner with little to no experience. A lot of research must be done and the right kind of camera must be purchased if you wish to take your photography to the next level!


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